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Why Clients Love Scoop Soldiers

Scoop Soldiers, a franchise in the pooper-scooper segment, has gained a loyal following of clients, but what about the franchise is so appealing?

By Jeff DwyerStaff Writer
SPONSOREDUpdated 9:09AM 05/03/23

Scoop Soldiers, the 35-plus-unit pet waste removal franchise, has gained a loyal following of clients over the years. But how exactly does the brand continue to draw in new clients – and what makes it so lovable?

Bryan Jones works as the corporate operations manager at Scoop Soldiers. He joined the franchise as a scooper and moved up the ranks until he eventually started working in fleet management logistics. And in 2021, he was promoted to operations manager.  

According to Jones, one of the reasons clients love working with Scoop Soldiers is the level of support they provide to their franchisees. Jones says Scoop Soldiers offers different levels of support to franchisees when they first get started, and they have a team of client care advocates who are always available to assist franchisees who may need help. These client care advocates work in tandem with the corporate sales team and are on board to help franchisees from the moment they get started, all the way to well after they’ve opened their doors. If needed, the client care advocates can serve as a mediator to assist franchisees who may have a lot on their plate.  

“There are a lot of other pet waste removal franchises, but very few offer the type of services that we do,” Jones said. “If you franchise with some of our competitors, once you invest, you’re on your own. But with Scoop Soldiers, we want to help support our franchisees throughout the entire process. And that’s what sets us apart.”

In addition to its commitment to supporting franchisees, Scoop Soldiers also has high standards when it comes to its employees. Scoop Soldiers requires all of its technicians to be W4 employees, and the brand runs background checks on all employees. This not only ensures that their clients receive a safe and reliable service, but also provides them a sense of security.

Scoop Soldiers also goes above and beyond for its clients by sending an email with a photo of the customers’ gate, which shows it closed and latched after every visit. This not only confirms that the job has been completed but adds to the brand’s commitment to providing a reliable and trustworthy service.

But what really sets Scoop Soldiers apart is its passion for giving back to the community. According to Jones, many of the brand’s franchisees are dog lovers who take pride in their work, which gives them a sense of satisfaction. This is a contributing factor to many franchisees’ success and is a testament to the values that Scoop Soldiers embodies.

“We get a lot of people who join us who just love to give back to the community. They get a sense of accomplishment from it. Dogs are our best friends, so being able to provide a nice clean area for our clients is so important to us,” Jones added.

Looking ahead, Scoop Soldiers is planning to add new franchises in places like Washington, Utah, Kansas, Missouri and more.

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