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Wild Birds Unlimited’s Multiple Store Approval Process Helps Franchisees Seamlessly Make the Jump from Single to Multi-Unit Ownership

By thoroughly vetting its local owners before they officially pursue multi-unit expansion, the brand is ensuring that its owners are set up for long-term success.

By Cassidy McAloonSenior Writer
SPONSORED 11:11AM 05/27/17

For over 30 years, Wild Birds Unlimited has been living out its mission to connect people with nature in a wide variety of communities across the country. By partnering with franchisees who share its passion for backyard bird feeding and nature, the brand has been able to successfully introduce its proprietary products and top tier customer service to consumers at an incredibly rapid rate. And as local owners continue to experience success as entrepreneurs alongside the Wild Birds Unlimited brand, more are signing on to open up multiple units.

In order to ensure that its franchisees are prepared to take the leap and become multi-unit owners, Wild Birds Unlimited has created a comprehensive multiple store approval process. Designed to help local owners stay ahead of their expansion efforts, the process is open to franchisees who are operating their existing stores at the top enterprise level.

“As a franchisor, our number one priority is setting up our local owners for success. That’s why we want to make sure that they’re really ready to take on the responsibility that comes with multiple locations before they officially open their doors for business,” said Paul Pickett, chief development officer for Wild Birds Unlimited. “By going through our multiple store approval process, our franchise support center team is able to provide the guidance and support needed as franchisees pursue their dreams of operating more than one store.”

Wild Birds Unlimited’s multiple store approval process begins with franchisees who are already receiving the brand’s most intense level of coaching. From being on time with required documents and payments to meeting the brand’s criteria for advertising and store operations, Wild Birds Unlimited’s corporate team goes above and beyond to ensure that multi-unit candidates are operating well with their original store. From there, the approval process requires a formal application and store data sharing in addition to in-person interviews with upper members of the brand’s system. Once it’s determined that a franchisee is in a position to successfully expand, Wild Birds Unlimited green lights their multi-unit expansion plans.

“My husband and I knew from day one that we wanted to run multiple Wild Birds Unlimited stores. We told the brand from the get-go that becoming multi-unit owners was our long-term goal, and they’ve been helping us make that dream a reality since we first signed our franchise agreement,” said Trish Lohman, a Wild Birds Unlimited franchisee in Chesapeake, Virginia. “The approval process to become a multi-unit owner is incredibly easy. Even though it’s thorough, it’s incredibly organized and simple to follow. And going through the process is definitely helping us prepare for the launch of our second location later this year—we feel much more confident as our grand opening gets closer.”

By following the steps included in Wild Birds Unlimited’s multiple store approval process, franchisees are able to easily track their expenses and determine what resources they’ll need to expand outside of their existing store. Ultimately, the system is set up to ensure that there’s nothing blocking an owners path to realizing their full potential.

“Wild Birds Unlimited offers franchisees like me a great system with unrivaled support. From its products to its support system, everything that the brand does is designed to improve its overall operations. That’s why I decided to pursue multi-unit ownership,” said Joel Lehmann, a Wild Birds Unlimited franchisee in the Atlanta, Georgia area. “After going through the multiple store approval process and launching a second location, it’s clear that there’s a proven strategy behind its system. They bring decades of experience to the table, and I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of the Wild Birds Unlimited brand name.”

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