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Wild Birds Unlimited’s Never-Before-Seen Feeders Are Perfect for the Holiday Season

Versatile, multi-functional cylinder feeders and whimsical decorative wire feeders will have the birds—and admiring neighbors—flocking to your yard.

By Allison Stone1851 Contributor
SPONSORED 6:18PM 10/02/19

Wild Birds Unlimited has been the leading source in high-quality hardware, bird food and accessories for birdwatching enthusiasts since 1981. Consistent with the backyard birding and retail brand’s legacy, Wild Birds Unlimited continues to introduce innovative and whimsical products. A long-standing partnership with WoodLink led to Wild Birds Unlimited’s newest line of feeders, which are sure to delight birdwatchers.

Like much of Wild Bird Unlimited’s inventory, WoodLink manufactures many of its product lines using eco-friendly methods. WoodLink also creates houses and feeders from cedar for the more traditional consumer.

The new product launch will be shipping out to stores in October—just in time for the holiday season.

The two new Novelty Cylinder Feeders coming to Wild Birds Unlimited will have a more modern look, thanks to a sleek metal construction, while also bringing a new level of versatility to the market. “These feeders can be outfitted with several different types of cylinders, meaning they’re able to accommodate a wide range of birds,” said Pat Tinker, WoodLink’s National Sales Manager, who had a hand in the design and development of these unique bird feeders.

The Novelty Cylinder feeders can hold both large and small seed cylinders, stackables and even suet. Tinker added that these feeders are also fairly durable, making them perfect for year-round use.

“There are no feeders like these on the market,” said Tinker. “They’re specifically designed to attract a variety of birds—it’s a true marriage of form and functionality.”

The fashionable, contemporary feeders will also be available at an attractive price point, staying affordable at the same time as show-stopping.

“These feeders are going to be something that people will definitely notice,” said Tinker. “Not only will these feeders attract really interesting birds, but you’ll get so many compliments from the neighbors.”

In addition to the new Novelty Cylinder Feeders, Wild Birds Unlimited is introducing a series it is calling Seasonal Whimsical Feeders. This product line features decorative wire feeders themed for the seasons of the year and can be used to offer Bark Butter® Bits or shelled peanuts.

“These feeders are ideal for gift-giving and adding a little more character and joy to a customer’s yard,” said Tinker. The offering will feature feeders in unique seasonal shapes including an Acorn, Christmas Tree, Snowman and Gingerbread Man. In Spring of 2020, Wild Birds Unlimited will start selling Flower Pot and Sunflower models. “All of these feeders have been thoroughly tested and they work great,” Tinker added.

If you have a bird watcher in your life, or you yourself are looking to get a little closer to nature, be sure to stop by a Wild Birds Unlimited to see these exciting new feeders.

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