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Young Ones to Watch: Jessie Frampton, Co-Founder of Fuzz Wax Bar

Recessions and pandemics can’t keep the waxing industry down, and Jessie Frampton is here for it.

By Lauren Garcia1851 Editor
Updated 11:11AM 10/08/21

When Jessie Frampton and co-founder Florence Gaven Rossavik started Fuzz Wax Bar in February 2012, they always knew they’d get into franchising — they just needed to figure out how it all worked. 

“We started off by opening five corporate locations, until we decided to learn all there is to know about franchising,” Frampton said. “In 2015, we decided to take the steps necessary to become a franchise brand. It was at that point we realized franchising is a whole other beast, and it's very different from the corporate structure that we were used to. So, we took a couple years off to self-educate and bring on mentors so that we could be educated franchisors to our franchisees.”

The co-founders of Fuzz Wax Bar — a membership-based waxing-only salon with 15 locations across Canada and growing — operate under a specific set of values, and they expect their franchisees to follow suit. The team is always focused on goals and growing the business, as well as growing the community it’s in, and Frampton said ideal franchisees will be energetic and excited about building up the communities in their territory to reach their goals together. 

“It's been a long year of lots of lessons and learnings with our community,” Frampton said of operations during COVID-19. “But being a membership-based wax bar, when we had the opportunity to reopen our doors, we reopened with our membership community.”

When Fuzz Wax Bars temporarily closed amid the pandemic, its 10,000 members who came in for monthly maintenance returned at an 80% rate, bringing 8,000 loyal members back to the Fuzz Wax Bar community. 

“Waxing and the beauty industry has always been recession-proof,” Frampton said. “Now, we know we’re also COVID-proof, and it feels really freaking good.”

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