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10 Emerging Automotive Franchises You Should Know About

It’s a great time to invest in the automotive industry. Here are 10 options to consider.

For franchisees looking to get into the automotive industry, it’s a great time to do so. In fact, the automotive services industry exceeded a value of $685.25 billion in 2021 and is expected to have a compound annual growth rate of over 5% from 2022 to 2028. 

There are a handful of categories and brands to choose from within the automotive industry. Here are 10 emerging franchises to choose from. 

Tint World

Since 1982, Tint World has provided high-quality window tinting and vehicle accessories to people who love their cars. Featuring a wide selection of automotive products and services; clean, attractive facilities; and superior customer service, Tint World has become a top brand for automotive and marine styling, along with residential and commercial window film services.

“Today, the Tint World Franchise System has revolutionized the Automotive Accessories and Window Tinting concept that started back in 1982,” said Charles J. Bonfiglio, CEO. “Tint World has become a world-class destination for customers who want the very best products and services that protect, personalize, and enhance their vehicles, watercraft, homes, and offices.” 

The investment range to open a Tint World franchise ranges from $259,500–$399,500. 

ProLift Garage Doors*

Acquired by CEO and Founder Paul Flick in 2015, ProLift Garage Doors, one of the Premium Service Brands franchises, performs repair, replacement, installation and servicing of overhead garage doors and loading dock components for residential and commercial clients. Flick recognized an in-demand niche market, with garage door services representing a valuable franchise investment.

“The garage door was invented in 1926, and it really hasn’t evolved much since then,” said David Raymond, Chief Operating Officer. “The difference is that now, with two-thirds of all homes having garage doors, everyone needs them to function properly, but they are not paid much mind. This has resulted in an in-demand industry but a fragmented market, especially for repair work.”

The investment range to open a ProLift Garage Doors franchise ranges from $106,100–$145,000

Detail Garage

Detail Garage is a North American go-to retail franchise for car care, professional auto detailing supplies, detailing equipment, car care accessories and training. Since it opened, Detail Garage has become a full automotive-lifestyle brand by combining globally recognized retail products with industry-leading innovations, providing customers with the best the industry has to offer in terms of products, tools, accessories and consumer education. 

The investment range to open a Detail Garage franchise ranges from $138,500–$178,500. 


No-H2O is an on-demand car washing service that uses a mobile app to allow customers to have their cars cleaned anytime, anywhere, in an eco-friendly, waterless fashion. According to an environment-dedicated page on the brand’s website, the traditional car wash uses 35 gallons of fresh water to clean one car. At No-H2O, it's in the name. The brand uses no water when cleaning cars. 

The investment range to open a No-H2O franchise ranges from $135,000–$163,000. 

Tread Connection

Founded in 2016 by two brothers, Tread Connection provides a mobile tire service that delivers increased convenience and value to customers and franchisees in a way traditional garages cannot. The concept came about when one of the founders, who had previously worked in traditional tire retail sales, noticed that clients who were otherwise happy with their service still did not enjoy waiting on-site for their tire service to be complete. Alas, Tread Connection was born. 

The investment range to open a Tread Connection franchise ranges from $164,000–$203,000.

Green Shine

Green Shine is an auto detailing company “centered around maintaining not only vehicles but the environment we are a part of.” Green Shine stands out from the crowd by providing high-quality auto care that is eco-friendly, waterless and mobile. Though it was built on a foundation of car detailing, Green Shine allows franchisees the freedom to work on other high-end vehicles like boats and planes. 

The investment range to open a Green Shine franchise ranges from $48,000–$161,000. 

Tommy’s Express

Tommy Car Wash Systems is a team of passionate car wash professionals providing a range of features such as modular building designs, robust stainless steel car wash equipment, an advanced Wash Club license plate reader system, the Tommy Transporter belt and high performance wash detergents. The brand claims to have a solution for almost any size operator and says its team has assisted in the development of hundreds of some of the most successful car washes around the world. 

The investment range to open a Tommy’s Express franchise ranges from $5.3 million to $7.2 million. 

DPF Alternatives

Founded in 2013 by Junior Reyes, DPF Alternatives offers cleaning services for diesel particulate filters (DPFs). DPF Alternatives uses an ultrasonic DPF cleaning process, which restores components of the DPF to OE specification and may help with fuel economy and DPF life. By using high-frequency sound waves, the cleaning creates microscopic bubbles that help remove soot and ash from the walls of the DPF. Additionally, a special solution helps prevent any particles from reattaching to the DPF. 

The investment range to open a DPF Alternatives franchise ranges from $44,000–$199,000. 

Auto-Lab Complete Car Care Centers

Founded in 1989 with a focus on customer service, Auto-Lab Complete Car Care Centers quickly grew from a single location to five different locations. In 1992, the growth spurred the brand into franchising and is now at more than 20 locations throughout Michigan, Indiana, Iowa, Florida, Connecticut and Texas. As ASE certified technicians, the brand provides reliable service for most of the major auto repairs. Additionally, it performs inspections and regularly scheduled maintenance. 

The investment range to open a Auto-Lab Complete Car Care Centers franchise ranges from $130,750–$313,500. 

Go Oil

Go Oil was started by Jonathon Sparrow, who was just 15 years old when he dropped out of high school and started his first company. Today, Go Oil is a leading mobile vehicle maintenance provider. With pre-built vehicles, hands-on training, thorough IT support, pre-established supplier partnerships and more, the brand empowers its franchisees to start doing business and reaping a return on investment quickly. 

The investment range to open a Go Oil franchise ranges from $23,000–$56,000. 

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