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4 Emerging Burger Franchises That Are Primed For Growth

Burger franchises are a dime a dozen, but these concepts are transforming a traditional offering into a memorable food experience.

Everyone knows the standard all-American burger franchises, but as the classic burger concept begins to shift towards sustainable eating trends and a more unique burger experience, these 4 innovative burger concepts are changing the game, and for prospective franchisees, they just may be the best bets in burger franchising.

Big Daddy Burger Bar

Units: 35

Big Daddy Burger Bar opened its first location in 2007, and 13 years later the brand has 35 locations across North Carolina, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Georgia, Tennessee and Colorado, with plans to continue expanding. The concept? A combination of culinary passion and creativity with the quintessential American dish: the hamburger. Their strong positioning in the custom burger and craft beer movement sees the brand poised for significant growth in the coming years.

Liberty Burger

Units: 6 

A family-owned, Texas-grown burger concept, Liberty Burger pledges to serve high-quality hamburgers while being environmentally responsible. In an effort to support its community, all of the brand’s meat is locally sourced, and it’s committed to keeping the environment clean by providing customers with compostable napkins and reusable take out bags, even going so far as to donate empty bottles to local homebrewers and artists. Liberty Burger’s menu has it all, from the classic burger your dad used to make on the grill to an Ahi Tuna burger slathered with slaw and wasabi aioli. However, the real standout on this menu is the “adult shake” selection, which features milkshakes spiked with liquor.

MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes*

Units: 84

Since 2007 MOOYAH has grown its concept from just one store to 84 locations across the U.S., Canada, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain. The Texas brand prides itself in approaching food with a fun-loving attitude, serving fresh, never-frozen beef, hand-cut french fries and milkshakes made with real ice cream — they’ve coined this experience “the taste trifecta.”


Units: 42

Bareburger brings sustainable burgers to 42 spots throughout the East Coast, as well as overseas, committing to working within its network of sustainable farmers and partners. One-third of the brand’s menu offers vegetarian and plant-based options for those who don’t eat meat or are gluten. Bareburger’s clean, comfort-food options go beyond the burger — they also offer salads and a variety of sandwiches as well.

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