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Amazon: Where You Can Buy Expired Granola Bars and Baby Formula

PSA: You might want to triple check the expiration date on your latest Amazon food order.

Amazon is your  one-stop-ecommerce--shop for everything: clothing, electronics, toys—and now, expired food. According to CNBC, Amazon has been regularly selling expired food to consumers via its third-party vendors.

In the past, Amazon has been known for having issues with counterfeit or unsafe products and now, the online marketplace is cluttered with expired food such as baby formula, coffee creamer, beef jerky and granola bars, CNBC said. Consumers are receiving their Amazon orders far past their sell-by date and therefore, throwing money down the drain and putting their health at risk. 

Why is this happening? “Interviews with brands, consumers, third-party sellers and consultants all point to loopholes in Amazon’s technology and logistics system that allow for expired items to proliferate with little to no accountability,” according to the article. 

You’d think that a $900 billion empire wouldn’t run into problems like this, but Amazon is proving otherwise. This also begs the question: Have third-party vendors been doing this for years? One Twitter user said it’s “about time this made the news.”

“I remember a few years ago seeing YouTubers dumpster diving for expired food and makeup to sell on Amazon,” said Twitter user @Averasky.

It looks like many third-party sellers on Amazon are about to be exposed in the customer review section––yikes.

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