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Boost Employee Engagement With These 6 Core Human Needs

Everyone has needs, the question is, are you meeting the needs of your individual team members?

Tony Robbins was the first to lay out the six core human needs that essentially drive human behavior. But did you know that understanding these needs can boost employee satisfaction, deepen employee engagement and loyalty, and create the change you want to see within your team?

Today, I share these six core human needs and some ideas on how you can create a more balanced approach in your restaurant or business.

The first of the core human needs is certainty. To build employee engagement, your team needs to know that someone is steering the ship and has their back. As a leader, you should offer support, provide a set schedule, communicate frequently, and be fair and consistent in your actions.

Second, variety represents the need for excitement and challenges. To address this need, you can offer opportunities to cross-train, help identify strengths in your employees, and establish goals for them to reach.

The third need is significance. Find small ways every day to show you care. Simple gestures can go a long way in boosting employee engagement and creating meaning in your organization.

 I reveal three more of these six core human needs and discuss all of them further to help you understand their role in keeping employee engagement at a high level. Keep watching to learn more!