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Burger King is Set to Close 9 Stores in Minnesota

Several large-scale Burger King operators are filing for bankruptcy.

By 1851 Staff1851 Staff Contributions
Updated 3:15PM 04/20/23

Burger King recently declared bankruptcy and is closing stores nationwide, including nine in Minnesota. Meridian Restaurants Unlimited owns 119 Burger King restaurants and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in March. 

According to a court filing, the company will close 27 Burger King locations in seven states. Meridian has stated that more closures are “possible, if not likely,” according to Restaurant Business. Restaurant Business also noted that the company has struggled with weak sales and low profitability at a time when costs are higher than ever. 

Meridian is one of two large-scale Burger King operators to file for bankruptcy recently and a third that closed 26 locations in Michigan. 

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