Checkers & Rally’s Partners with Customer Analytics Provider Buxton
Checkers & Rally’s Partners with Customer Analytics Provider Buxton

Fast-Growing Franchise with “Crazy Good Food” Seeks to Improve Tools for New and Existing Franchisees and Gain Consumer Insight to Grow Top-Line Sales

Checkers & Rally’s, the iconic drive-thru chain with more than 800 locations nationwide, has enjoyed record-setting growth over the past few years, with 250 locations in the development pipeline and more than 40 new restaurants set to open in 2016. To support this incredible growth and continue its focus on franchisee profitability, the 30-year old brand has partnered with Buxton, an industry leader in customer analytics, to utilize its predictive analytics tools for existing franchisees and in new markets.

“We are laser-focused on growth right now – both with corporate restaurants and new and existing franchisees – and want to maximize the largest development pipeline we’ve had in 20 years,” said Jennifer Durham, Chief Development Officer for Checkers & Rally’s. “To do so, we needed a partner like Buxton to help us grow in a smart and efficient way, and to provide resources to help us and our new and existing franchisees analyze markets, find the best real estate and gain additional insight of the Checkers & Rally’s customer and how to reach them.”

For Checkers & Rally’s, Buxton will provide data-driven insights via SCOUT, its web-based mapping and data analytics application. SCOUT offers site selection insights for franchisees, tools for effective territory management, analysis of the brand’s nationwide development potential, traffic reports and more.

“Buxton’s relationship with Checkers & Rally’s began as an engagement focused on helping the organization with finding optimal new locations and developing a better understanding of success as it relates to existing locations. Over time, the conversation grew into how we can help leverage our resources to help these two brands grow in a much bigger way,” said Peter Bacigalupo, Vice President at Buxton. “We are now working with the Checkers & Rally’s marketing team to better understand prospective customers  – identifying who they are and how and where Checkers & Rally’s can find more that look just like them.”

Buxton’s customer analytics will allow Checkers & Rally’s to have a better understanding of valuable customers, area drawbacks, surrounding businesses, competition and opportunity – and that’s just the start.

“Buxton stood out to us because the data they have access to is customer-centric. We’re able to segment our customers based on actual transaction information and go very deeply into the market and at the household level,” said Durham. “This is very important for us because not all households are created equal. You could put a restaurant in the middle of Times Square and get millions of eyeballs on it, but if you aren’t targeting the right customers, you’ll fail.”

Checkers & Rally’s has always been focused on improving franchisee profitability and the new tools from Buxton will play a large role in this continued effort.

“Checkers & Rally’s is making a major investment – from both a financial and time standpoint – to make information available to its franchisees to help grow their business, and ultimately improve unit-level profitability. The team is eager and open to any strategy that will help to that end,” said Robert Matson, Account Executive at Buxton. “CEO Rick Silva tasked us with making sure we’re not leaving any stone unturned – and challenged us to push them to try new things. If our analysis uncovered an area of the business that needed improvement to better connect with customers and help franchisees with day-to-day operations, they are all ears. We don’t feel like just another vendor – we’re a true partner and a resource that can improve the business and help Checkers & Rally’s continue its rapid growth across the United States.”