Coolgreens Attracted CEO Robert Lee to Business Model with Highly Customizable Menu
Coolgreens Attracted CEO Robert Lee to Business Model with Highly Customizable Menu

The healthy lifestyle eatery caught eye of CEO Robert Lee out of both preference and necessity.

Down-the-line concepts are an American craze. Customers love being able to customize and create unique meal experiences with their favorite flavors and combinations. While the trend is growing throughout the country due to preference, for some it is more of a necessity.

Soon after Coolgreens was introduced to the Oklahoma City market under different ownership, Robert Lee and his family purchased a small portion of the business. At a younger age, Lee was diagnosed with kidney stones and his diet quickly transformed from eating whatever he wanted to highly restricted and specific. Dining out had proven to be nearly impossible for him as he was constantly sifting through menus looking to make sure meals did not contain specific ingredients.

When he stepped into Coolgreens, which centers around natural ingredients and meals that can be created fully customized with the down-the-line layout, Lee found the answer to dining out.

“I loved that I was able to go in and choose the ingredients I wanted, knowing they were naturally sourced and fresh from that day,” said Lee. “The versatility of the menu allowed me to build a salad with filet of salmon one day and flatbread the next. A pesto chicken sandwich for lunch and a quinoa bowl for dinner. I didn’t feel like I was repeating the same meals day in and day out.”

After his initial introduction to the brand in 2009, Lee quickly became involved in building it to the next level, taking it over as CEO in 2014. With a wealth of franchise knowledge in his wake as an area developer with a different franchise concept, Lee was able to recognize the growth potential with the Coolgreens concept. He was excited for the opportunity to not only spread the health and wealth of food, but also be able to act as a spokesperson for the brand as someone who previously had seldom options for eating out.

Coolgreens has been able to differentiate itself within the healthier option segment through a menu that features nutritional elements far and beyond just traditional salads. The variable menu is designed to appeal to a wide variety of diners, whether health conscious eaters, those with unique dietary needs or those opting for an on-the-go option that is both fresh and filling.

“Coolgreens operates differently than any of our other competitors, because we think differently” said Lee. “Our mission is to fuel healthy communities with fresh and natural food. As a result, our menu highlights both year-round and seasonal flavors through healthier food presented in a unique way. There is something on our menu for everyone."