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Corey Curyto Ready to Franchise Carousel’s Soft Serve Icery

Curyto is intent on creating a wholesome, family-friendly empire.

For Corey Curyto, founder of Carousel’s Soft Serve Icery, fun and family business run in his blood.

As a teenager, Curyto worked alongside his father on the boardwalks of the Jersey Shore serving up the concoction his dad created that took Italian ice to another level. Polish Water Ice wasn’t just refreshing it was so creamy people flocked to it, thinking it had to be ice cream. 

Together they grew the business to four corporate-owned stores and 16 franchise locations.

Curyto, originally from the Philadelphia area, spent his summers in the Polish Water Ice stores dotting the boardwalk of the Jersey Shore. He remembers loving the ‘carefree beach vibe’ on the boardwalk. “People flocked to our ‘ice,’ amazed there was no dairy or fat in it. They could not believe how creamy it was!”

“I still remember how much fun people had enjoying our ice. I have always wanted to bring that same experience to other families,” he said. “After trying our product for the first time people would often be waiting for our stores to open the next day, or stop by as the last thing they did before going home from vacation. It had that kind of impact on people.”

Curyto, eventually moved to Orlando, Florida, to run an agency with a longtime friend and business partner. Clients included professional sports teams, Disney, and other entertainment brands where Curyto helped these companies create family memories. While his business grew and expanded, something was being kindled inside Curyto’s heart and mind.

As Curyto married and his own family grew, he could not shake his desire to provide families an experience that reflected the innocent and carefree days on those boardwalks. “I could not stop thinking about providing a place and product that connected families – something fun, authentic, and carefree. It might seem crazy, but I think building fun family memories can really impact our world positively.”

So he jumped out of a successful partnership to build something that served families. He rebranded his family’s frozen treat product and launched his own retail business and franchise company. Carousel’s Soft Serve Icery just opened its flagship store in Sarasota, Florida in early December. Now Curyto is working to share his own positive family history with others.

His vision goes beyond providing or building family traditions, it also includes providing opportunties for others to own their own business. “I felt like this was a key opportunity to build a business for franchisee partners with a vision they could resonate with. People are looking for an opportunity to partner with organizations that operate with a high standard of excellence, a great product, experience, and bottom line.”

Building a fun experience on a great product for individuals was primary, but Curyto wanted to do more. “I licensed my Dad’s product,” he said ‘and built an amazing brand with a buttoned up system. We made choices to ensure the quality of our product and the experience works for 500 stores, not just one. We believe greatness is never an accident, we have been intentional with every decision.”

Those decisions included adopting core values that families and franchisees can trust.

1.  Give Generously

2.  Family First

3.  Do More/Dream Big

4.  Create Joy

5.  Choose Love

‘”We want our impact on people and communities to be lasting. This is why I left a successful career and partnership to do something new. We exist to make families and our franchisees successful.”

Carousel’s Soft Serve Icery has partnered with Apex Franchise Development Group in its franchising efforts. Apex works with up-and-coming franchise concepts and helps the companies develop their franchising model and system, as well as create their Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD).

“We’re thrilled that Corey chose Apex to help pave the way for his franchising needs,” Apex Franchise Development Group Principal Ryan Rao said. “Family-friendly establishments are always in demand, and we’re excited to be part of the journey as he scales his business.”

Carousel’s is actively seeking franchisees and has already sold two markets: Orange County and Palm Beach County in Florida. Those markets are scheduled to open in Q1 of 2019. “They love the story and what we’re building,” Curyto said of the new franchisees.  “They are a perfect fit, as businessmen and people.”

Curyto describes the ideal franchisee as someone who has business and leadership experience, is excited about mentoring employees, wants to provide legendary customer service with a desire to connect and be generous within their community.

“The perfect franchisee doesn’t just love the product or making money,” Curyto said. “They are also in love with the story, the mission, and the brand. These franchisees are excited to partner with us in providing authentic environments for families to enjoy. A place where they can put the phones down and build memories with one another. Our mission is deeper than making money.”

“We’re going to be a very connected organization,” he said. “It’s not going to be ‘us’ and ‘them’ when you ask our franchisees about us. I want to hear that we have amazing leadership and customer service. I’m here to make them successful and I want them to feel that.”

Curyto is thrilled by how far he’s come and jokes that he is “beautifully exhausted” by all of the business ups and downs he’s experienced over the past 20 years.

“I’m honored to be able to do this with the team I have. I’m living the dream right now,” he said. “It’s such a fun brand and product, and I’m providing a business opportunity that families can be a part of. It’s such a simple concept and the operational and financial benefits far exceed what I have seen in the franchising business.  The simpler I can make these things, the more room we will create for our entire team to connect with each person who walks through our doors.”

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