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Crain's Dallas: Checkers & Rally's Plans DFW Expansion

Experts agree the market is ripe for development.

By Andy Sroka1851 Contributor
3:15PM 01/11/17

Checkers* & Rally's is working to develop its Dallas-Fort Worth presence by adding a location in the market in 2017. Once it's able to identify a franchisee and build its first location in the city, the QSR giant will work to add another 10-15 locations in 2018 as it strives to fit what could add up to be around 100 units in Dallas. 

Checkers & Rally's Director of Franchise Development Bruce Kim noted that the area is swarming with burger places, but said the quality of Checkers' product and the value to go along with it is what separates them. Kim told Crain's Dallas that he's already in the process of scouting out locations in Garland, Mesquite, Fort Worth, and Denton. 

And, since Checkers restaurants are about 1,000 square feet on average with an even smaller prototype restaurant in development, the burger brand can build a great number of units quicker. 

No Limit Agency* Founder and Chief Brand Strategist Nick Powills told Crain's Dallas that Checkers is able to fill a certain demographic other brands may not. And, for franchise owners, Checkers' unique buildout process allows for shorter construction times, which can further entice would-be franchisees. 

“Flexibility in real estate is going to be a key driver of growth for restaurant brands,” Powills said. “They can squeeze into tighter space than the larger boxes who refused to change.”

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