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How Detail Garage Provides Franchisee Support

As the leading retail franchise for car enthusiasts races toward its goal of 100 open units by 2022, its leaders continue to provide top-tier pre-launch, launch and post-launch support to its franchisees.

By Helen Harris1851 Franchise Staff Writer
Updated 11:11AM 02/17/22

As the go-to retail franchise for car-care enthusiasts, Detail Garage continues to appeal to franchisees year after year. There are an array of reasons the brand has become one of the most popular opportunities in franchising, but at the top of the list is the unparalleled support Detail Garage’s leadership team provides for franchisees.

“We view the franchisee’s success in the retail stores as our success as well,” said Christine Eastburn, Detail Garage’s director of retail operations. “We do anything we can do to support the franchisee, from the time they open to the long-term operations. From training staff to marketing and social media, to product knowledge — we cover it all.” 

Pre-Launch Support

When Angel Ruizcastillo, who now has two locations in Murrieta, California, and Hemet, California, first decided he wanted to join Detail Garage as a franchisee, he said the initial phone calls and visits to the leadership team were extremely helpful. 

“I received very direct support,” said Ruizcastillo. “I spoke often with Chad, and because I’m local to their headquarters, I was often able to arrange to meet at their offices and discuss the process. The support was very personal and they were able to answer all of my questions — and I was off to start my first location in June 2019.”  

Eastburn added that pre-launch support doesn’t end once a franchisee decides to join the brand. From there, she and her retail operations team help with site selection and the build-out and design processes of the location. Next, the team helps with training, operations, social media and marketing. 

“We also support their grand opening,” said Eastburn. “We physically attend to ensure they get things kicked off with amazing results.”  

Launch Support 

After the franchisee has successfully opened their location and gone through the training Detail Garage has provided, Eastburn and her retail operations team become the support system for day-to-day operations, such as business planning or additional training in social media and marketing. 

“Often, we'll go back and work with franchisees to analyze their marketing and look for opportunities to help them,” said Eastburn. “We're the support network for all of the technology and platforms used in all stores. All communication comes from my team, so I also have to work closely with other leaders to make them aware of changes to how things are ordered or how things are shipped to stores.” 

Eastburn mentioned her day-to-day working relationship with Ken Brackett, director of fulfillment, as particularly critical in making sure that franchisees are set up for success daily. 

Brackett says in his role, he and his team are responsible for managing all the order processing for both the franchisees and the company-owned stores. The order fulfillment team processes all orders once a week on Mondays — sometimes as many as 70-80 orders each week. 

“The orders are delivered to our third-party warehouse, where products are shipped out to each franchise location or our own store locations within three to six business days,” said Brackett. “For the 21 brand-owned stores, we manage the auto-replenishment, and those store managers do not place any orders themselves. We do all the ordering for them based on their sales and current on-hand inventory.”

Support on an Ongoing Basis

Hector and Adriana De Gante, who opened their first location in Orange, California, in 2020 and are working on their second in Lake Forest, said the support never stops. 

“I still talk to Chad,” said Adriana. “We talk about ways to improve social media all the time. I talk to the shipping department if I have broken items or if chemicals don’t blend well or if there’s an issue with a brush — whatever the issue is, they’re always a phone call away and willing to help.” 

When it comes to product support long-term, Brackett stated that his team is very involved and hands-on with helping franchisees manage their inventory, often providing helpful Zoom call training sessions. Additionally, Brackett has been proactive in providing franchisees with the tools they need so they can manage and be operationally sound year-round.  

“With some of our stores being in cold-weather areas, their sales naturally decline in the wintertime, when people aren't out taking care of their cars because there's snow on the ground,” said Brackett. “The franchisees need to understand how to lower their inventory for that lower-sales period. We take the time to explain that to them and offer programs to show them how they can do that.” 

Brackett says as long as a franchisee is willing to take part in the brand’s help and advice, it will guide them every step of the way. 

“There's no end to the level of support. If they needed the same training over and over again, we’re more than happy to provide it. We don't look at that as a bad thing; we look at it as a way to help educate them to become better store operators.” 

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Started in 2008 by professional auto detailers, Detail Garage was born out of a need for the ultimate playground and community for car care enthusiasts. It is the country's go-to retail car care store for passionate car owners and detailing professionals. With over 80 locations already in operation around the world, the Detail Garage team is looking to reach 100 units open this year, followed by 50 locations added to the system each year following. 


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