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Young Ones to Watch: Dan DiZio
Dan DiZio's dream is still going strong nearly 20 years after creating Philly Pretzel Factory

Reading Dan DiZio’s LinkedIn profile would take you only a few short minutes, as you will find only one thing on it: CEO & Co-Founder of Philly Pretzel Factory. That’s because this Young One to Watch knew exactly what he wanted to do and refused to stop at any cost.

Now, with nearly 150 pretzel bakeries serving fresh “hot outta the oven” pretzels, and with plans to double within the next 24 months through three business models and a flourishing partnership with the nation's largest retailer, Wal-Mart, DiZio’s entrepreneurial pathway is confirmed.

Why do you love franchising?

Without franchising, I wouldn’t have been able to expand my brand as fast and as successfully as we have. It provided us access to wonderful franchisees that would take a similar path as me – investing their life savings into the opportunity to make a better life for themselves. Franchising is not perfect, but it gives opportunity and helps fulfill dreams of other entrepreneurs. I am honored that my original idea has turned into 150 locations 18 years later.

What is the top challenge facing young people in franchising?

Sometimes it’s tough to get buy-in from those around us. When I  first started the business I certainly had a lot of believers, but I had a lot of doubters. It is sometimes difficult for those with experience to see past age and into drive. Drive to succeed and to never fail is something that young entrepreneurs own – probably because they don’t know any different. Winning at all costs is their mission -- but those who have been down the pathway before and perhaps did not reach the success potential they desired, sometimes remain skeptical.

What is your dream position/goal?

I am living my dream and in my dream position. I guess, with 150 locations and plans to double our size, I want more people to experience our brand, our product and our passion. That still motivates me every day.

To connect with Dan DiZio on LinkedIn, click here.