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Young Ones to Watch: Randy Shacka
From intern to president, Randy Shacka knows firsthand the power behind franchising

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® intern turned president, Randy Shacka, truly champions the company’s slogan of Moving People Forward®. He is a success story himself. With one in three franchisees having started as a mover or driver, Randy is passionate about helping others realize their dreams of successful business ownership.

Why do you love franchising?
First, it’s all about having a group of people from all different backgrounds in many different places coming together to build something special, and I love that TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® allows me to be a part of that. Secondly, with the ability to build, comes opportunities, and I love franchising’s ability to provide opportunities for anyone willing to work at it. I started as an intern. One in three of our franchise owners started on the front line. Many don’t have college degrees but are now business owners. The franchising model rewards perseverance, hard work and stewardship and when you are building and growing a brand through franchising, the opportunities come and you just have to be ready and willing to jump in and go after it. I love that!
What is the top challenge facing young people in franchising?
I think one of the greatest challenges facing young people in franchising is having the ability to trust the process and not rush towards personal growth and development. You have to be able to trust and believe in what you are doing (whatever your role is) and that it’s preparing you for that next step for advancement.
What is your dream position/goal?
More of a personal position and vision, but it’s to be the CEO of my own Island. A little ambitious, but my dream would be to own an island in the U.S. I learned a long time ago to try and set goals that will make something of you if achieve them. So for me, it’s not the part of owning an island I want, but it’s who I become and what I experience between now and then that I can help others with. Mentorship, knowledge, a physical place to get away from the grind, a destination to teach kids about Mother Nature, caring for our environment and living without life’s essentials. That’s what an island brings me and I would love to own one in the future and share the benefits of it.
To connect with Randy Shacka on LinkedIn, click here.