Drive-Thru Windows Gaining Popularity Among Fast Casuals
Drive-Thru Windows Gaining Popularity Among Fast Casuals

Chains like Chipotle, Panera and Blaze Pizza have begun adding drive-thru windows to optimize online order pickups.

According to an article on Restaurant Dive, drive-thru windows are gaining popularity among fast casual chains who are looking to better streamline their mobile ordering system. 

"Drive-thru looks very different than it used to and is less oriented toward customers, and more for delivery drivers," T3 President Ben Gaddis told Restaurant Dive. 

As customers expect immediate service more and more, fast casuals such as Chipotle have begun utilizing new techniques to perfect online ordering. The recently rolled out Chipotlanes offer customers the chance to pre-pay online and pick up their food at a designated time without ever leaving the comfort of their car. 

Other fast casuals such as Blaze and Cava are set to roll out their own pick-up by car locations later this year. Many fast food chains have also been shifting into drive-thru delivery as well, including Starbucks, Panera and Panda Express. 

"I think once the franchisee community sees the benefits of having the online pick-up window, everyone is going to want it," Blaze Pizza SVP of Development Robert Kluger ?told Restaurant Dive.

While not every location is well-suited to drive-thru windows, fast casuals are continuing to develop this method as more business comes from online and apps. 

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