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Forget Pharmacy Lines, UPS Will Deliver Your Prescription Drugs Via Drone

The shipping franchise is debuting the service—dubbed Flight Forward—in a select few US cities starting in the near future.

CNBC reported that, in partnership with CVS Pharmacy, United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS) is testing a home-delivery service that will drop prescription drugs on your doorstep thanks to a helpful flying robot. The service is named Flight Forward and is being developed in conjunction with Matternet. 

According to logistics data firm Ship Matrix, about 1.3 billion parcels are delivered annually in the U.S., 75% of which meet the current size and weight restrictions for commercial drones. A pharmacy, which typically handles recurring fulfillment of of small, lightweight items, does seem to be the perfect vehicle to test drone delivery. 

“We’re always looking to improve convenience for customers through faster, lower-cost and more efficient delivery models,” said president of CVS Pharmacy Kevin Hourican to CNBC. 

Rival delivery company FedEx just beat them to the punch, however, as drone unit Wing completed its maiden voyage, making it the first-ever commercial drone delivery flight Friday according to CNBC. This operation was developed in collaboration with Walgreens and Alphabet, Inc., the parent company of Google. “We hope that this latest addition to our delivery options will enhance the last mile service for urgent same-day deliveries, customers in rural or semi-rural areas, and other exceptional delivery needs,” said Don Colleran, president and CEO of FedEx Express.

While drone delivery has been the latest craze in the food delivery and restaurant sector, UPS has a unique position as one of the only package delivery and supply chain management businesses that offers franchise opportunities

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