Franchise Development Players: Brittany McLennan of Premium Franchise Brands
Franchise Development Players: Brittany McLennan of Premium Franchise Brands

Franchising has been a part of this Director of Franchise Development's life since she was born

Franchising has been a part of Brittany McLennan’s life since she was born. Her mother started a franchise brand when she was a baby, and she has always had a passion for the industry because of the impact it has on so many people’s lives across various categories. She pursued a sales career outside of franchising after graduating from Coastal Carolina University but was drawn back to franchising and took a role as Franchise Development Coordinator at Premium Franchise Brands in 2014. Just one year later, she was promoted to Director of Franchise Development for her drive, focus and attention to detail.

How did you fall into franchising?

When I was sixteen, I started working in the restaurant franchising industry. As a senior in college, I had the opportunity to work as a manager for a gentleman who was opening a restaurant franchise concept. I spent seven years in the restaurant franchising industry, but I always knew that I wanted to start a career in sales. From there, I entered into an outside sales and account management role in the elevator industry. After gaining vital sales experience, I wanted to find something that combined my love for sales as well as my passion for franchising. In June of 2014, I landed a job at Premium Franchise Brands in franchise development.

What makes you love franchising?

I get to have an impact on others’ lives. The majority of people that I speak with are burnt out on climbing the corporate ladder. They are working sixty plus hours a week, living on an airplane. I love helping people take the leap into business ownership. I love educating people on the opportunity to take the skills that they have learned from the corporate world and apply them to owning a business for themselves. Franchising helps people create wealth for themselves and their families, have a work life balance and leave a legacy.

What do you wish would change in franchising?

I wish that the attacks on the franchising industry would subside. I want the NLRB to see the value that franchising has on our economy. I would also like to see more funding opportunities be available to those that wish to be in franchising.

What makes a great franchisee?

Someone who follows the model. If you speak to our top performers they will always say, “follow the model, follow the model, follow the model.” Purchasing a franchise provides a franchisee with technology, marketing, systems, process and support. Leverage your resources at your support center. I also like working with someone who has a servant leadership mentality. Top franchisees realize that they have the opportunity to add value to their community and impact the lives of others through business ownership.

What’s the No. 1 thing that sells franchisees?

The people. We sign fifteen-year agreements with two, fifteen-year renewal options. These are long-term relationships. When I speak with candidates, I focus less on speaking and more on listening. I want to hear their goals, and provide education on our opportunity, to see if their goals can be achieved through our business. Franchise Development is all about building relationships. Does this candidate like me, our team, and our franchisees? Can they see themselves being in business with us long-term?