Franchisee Spotlight: Anne and Jonathon Johnson of Mosquito Joe
Franchisee Spotlight: Anne and Jonathon Johnson of Mosquito Joe

Anne and Jonathon Johnson are a stepmother and stepson team who've come together to provide the residents of Dunn, North Carolina, relief during this mosquito season courtesy of Mosquito Joe.

Local Dunn, North Carolina, resident Anne Johnson came out of retirement to help protect her neighbors in the area from mosquitoes by opening a Mosquito Joe franchise with her stepson, Jonathan. April is just around the corner, everyone is excited to get out of their homes and spend some time outside but this also means that it’s mosquito season for North Carolinians. Aside from their pesky bites, Zika is also of concern with 25 cases reported in North Carolina last year.

After working in the Chapel Hill and Raleigh Mosquito Joe office, Anne noticed how appreciative and happy their customers were and wanted to bring this satisfaction and protection to her home and neighboring towns.     

What were you doing before partnering with Mosquito Joe?

Anne: I got my bachelor's degree from Meredith College and my master's from North Carolina State University. I’ve had a long successful career that spans from owning my own association management business to serving as customer service manager for MTS Sensors, a global industrial organization. I married in August 2015 and decided to leave MTS in November 2015 to semi-retire.

Jonathan: I graduated from Campbell University and currently own Cotton's Body Shop that my dad, Cotton, founded in 1981. Family business is definitely preferred by the Johnson family so the Mosquito Joe opportunity is something that fits right in. My wife Melissa and I have one 11-year-old daughter and currently reside in Coats, North Carolina. 

How did you learn about Mosquito Joe and what made you ultimately decide to commit?

Anne: My daughter, Julie Green, works for Mosquito Joe corporate. She told me about Tom Ramoino, a franchisee owner in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel area who had an opening for an office manager available. I took the job and worked with Tom and the RDC team in 2016 and enjoyed providing customer service and working with the technicians on a daily basis.

I saw first-hand the value and benefits of owning a Mosquito Joe franchise. My entrepreneurial spirit kicked in once again. When the Dunn-Fayetteville-Southern Pines franchise was available, I talked with Jonathan and decided to partner with him and purchase.  

Are you involved in any community organizations?

I work with the Red Cross in Dunn. Jonathan currently serves as Secretary of Palmyra Lodge No. 147 in Dunn, Secretary of the Dunn Shrine Club, and Membership/Masonic Relations Chairman for Sudan Shriners.

We are planning on partnering with different organizations in the community to promote our services and provide educational experiences. Specifically, at the local rotary clubs, Masonic lodges, and the Red Cross because of our local ties. We also hope to tap into the military community in the surrounding areas when seeking spray technicians and other employees.  

Why is your area the perfect market for Mosquito Joe?

There aren’t any other Mosquito Joe franchisees in the area so it is something that people really need. I saw the appreciation and excitement from the customers when I worked in the Chapel Hill-Raleigh office and think that people in our location will be just as appreciative.

What are the next steps for your Mosquito Joe location?

We are having a ribbon cutting ceremony when we open. We are going to stay in the Dunn area for the first year but hope to really grow by the second year.