Franchisee Success: Which Wich
Franchisee Success: Which Wich

Proud Hoosier and serial franchisee Lee Kleiner is adding Which Wich to his portfolio.

Lee Kleiner has always had a blast doling out cool and tasty treats as a Dairy Queen franchisee, but recently, he decided that it was time to heat things up a bit. Earlier this year, Kleiner decided that he’d shift his focus from peddling cones for DQ to brown bagging for sandwich chain Which Wich.

Wholeheartedly enjoying the quick-serve restaurant environment, Kleiner decided that it was time to expand his franchise oeuvre. After just one visit to a Which Wich location, he knew that he had found a winning concept that his fellow Hoosiers would enjoy.

Originally drawn to the franchise by its clear and concise ordering system for which customers scrawl their preferences on brown paper bags; Kleiner began exploring franchise options with Which Wich. Paired with the brand’s versatility and expansive menu offerings reaching into vegetarian options and salads, Kleiner knew that he had found an innovative concept.

“They have found a way to adjust their product to meet more needs,” Kleiner said. “The idea of customization is imperative in meeting the needs of that demographic. I have found Which Wich to meet those needs through their customization options.”

Boasting 13 years in the franchise industry, Kleiner is confident that he can juggle the development of his new endeavors with his longstanding franchise commitments. Currently owning and operating four Dairy Queen franchises, Kleiner has learned all of the ins and outs of the franchise industry and is ready to add the thriving sandwich chain to his portfolio.

Through this experience, Kleiner has understood firsthand the importance of monitoring cost of goods and labor management. He implemented systems and established routines, and he’s thrilled to build yet another franchise up from the ground floor.

“I have worked closely with other franchisees in the area to build a line of communication between owners and operators,” Kleiner said. “Through this I have learned the importance of being a market leader. By focusing on these key elements I have created a working environment that has me ready for growth.”

Kleiner currently lives in Carmel, Indiana, with his wife and two daughters, where they are active within their community. He is currently looking to finalize locations for his Which Wich stores.