Franchisee Voices: Angela Baron of Sylvan Learning Center
Franchisee Voices: Angela Baron of Sylvan Learning Center

Franchisee Angela Baron combines her love of children and passion for education with Sylvan.

Angela Baron’s passion for education has led her to become a successful Sylvan Learning Center franchisee and take ownership of the center in which she first began her life with Sylvan.

Growing up in Bartow County, Angela obtained her undergraduate degree in history and education from the private university, Berry College. Appreciating the importance of academia, Angela decided to further her studies at Jacksonville State University and achieved her Master’s Degree in History.

During the transition from undergrad to her master’s degree, Angela wanted to embark on her career and begin her life in teaching. While looking at multiple tutoring services, Angela came across Sylvan Learning and saw Sylvan as the perfect opportunity to exercise this niche in her life of helping children with their academics.

Even with the pressure of her school work, Angela made a name for herself as an educator at the Cartersville location and became the assistant to the director within a year in a half.  In 2004, Angela relocated to the Rome location to work under the director to be able to learn about more possibilities with the brand.  Over the next three years, Angela’s commitment and perseverance led her to inquire about ownership; when the chance to own the center arose, Angela jumped at the opportunity.

Over the next few years, Angela brought success to the Rome location and was able to develop a strong presence in the community. Becoming aware the Cartersville location was up for sale, Angela wanted to contribute to the center where she first started with Sylvan and expand supplemental education; she decided to become the owner.

Continuing to expand her personal education, Angela is perusing her PhD online from Phoenix University while running two successful Sylvan Learning centers.   

How did you learn about the brand?

I was aware of the Sylvan Learning brand. I was looking for tutoring services and was doing work as a Bonner scholar; I felt comfortable with private tutoring and when I researched the industry Sylvan Learning was at the top of the list.

Why did you choose an opportunity with Sylvan?

You cannot beat the Sylvan Learning brand there is not another brand that is superior to Sylvan. Personalized education is amazing; I loved that fact that each student has an individualized program to strengthen his or her weaknesses; that’s what made me so passionate.

Are you involved with any charities, or do you do any community outreach with your business?

Yes, we love being as involved as we can with any organization that seek supplemental education. We work with small to large organizations such as Leukemia and Lymphoma, for the past two years we have been working with Jump Rope for Heart and we work with local organizations for an education mentoring program.

What challenges have you overcome to get where you are now? 

Growing up my family had many financially difficulties; I was raised by a single mother who worked two to three jobs so she was able to feed us. Overcoming the lack of confidence is something that I had to overcome to ensure I (and Sylvan) saw success. It was my responsibility. I fought and worked extremely hard and am proud of myself.

What is your end goal with Sylvan?

We want to grow as much as we can whether it be satellite locations, brick and mortar we want to ensure every child has the opportunity to attend Sylvan.