A Legacy of Growth: How Great Clips Affords Franchisees the Opportunity to Grow with an Established Brand
A Legacy of Growth: How Great Clips Affords Franchisees the Opportunity to Grow with an Established Brand

Great Clips, the world’s largest haircare brand, demonstrates the benefit of a proven model combined with the technology and vision to fuel ongoing franchise expansion.

When it comes to legacy brands, it’s hard to find a better example than Great Clips. With more than 4,400 salons and 1,200 franchise owners systemwide, the salon concept has become the largest haircare brand in the world. So is there still an opportunity for new franchisees to find success with the industry leader?

According to president of Great Clips Rob Goggins, the answer is: absolutely.

“Great Clips is stronger than ever and continuing to grow,” said Goggins. “We have more than 4,400 salons in 190 markets throughout the U.S. and Canada. We’ve produced 14 years of same-salon sales growth and 13 years of same-salon customer count growth. Not only are we the biggest salon brand in the world, we’re extending our lead over our competitors in terms of number of salons open, leases signed annually and customers served. Great Clips remains a terrific option for people seeking an internet-proof and recession-resistant business model.”

There are a myriad of reasons Great Clips has enjoyed this impressive growth and stability, including its simple business model, ongoing investment in technology like Online Check-In, Clip Notes and a new point-of-sale system, and exclusive branded product lines. All of these factors, combined with a footprint that stretches from coast to coast, have earned Great Clips its status as a legacy brand.

To Goggins, the term “legacy brand” relates not only to brand longevity, but to the level of opportunity that owning a Great Clips location confers.

“You can view legacy brand from a few different perspectives. We pride ourselves on having a number of second-generation franchisees – the adult children of numerous original franchisees who are now taking over the business from their parents,” Goggins explained. “Recently we welcomed a third-generation franchisee into the Great Clips system down in Cincinnati, Ohio. Franchisees love having a business they can build to help them achieve their goals, serve their communities and then pass on to their kids.”

Goggins continued: “I also look at our legacy brand in terms of standing the test of time. We’ve thrived since our founding 37 years ago. Great Clips stylists provide a great service at reasonable prices in convenient locations with easy-to-use technology. That appeals to customers seeking good value for their money, which translates into a time-tested legacy brand.”

While it might be tempting for the growth-oriented franchise candidate to conclude that established brands like Great Clips are approaching market saturation, Goggins emphasizes that this assumption is far from the truth.

“After five years of operation, our average franchisee owns five to six salons. That speaks to the power of our brand, systems and support – as well as the desire and financial ability of our franchisees to grow,” said Goggins. “There are always opportunities to open more salons and serve more customers. Even in our most mature market – the Twin Cities in Minnesota – we typically open a few new salons every year due to population growth, new shopping centers opening or shifting trade areas.”

Furthermore, as long-standing Great Clips franchisees retire, opportunities can open up for new franchisees to purchase existing salons. Retirement from the franchise system aside, Great Clips is well-positioned for continual growth due to the endless demand for affordable salon services, plus a selection of yet-untapped markets.

“We still have 60 markets open and available for prospective franchisees to enter,” said Goggins. “It took us nearly 40 years to grow to 4,400 salons, and we have room to open another 4,000 salons. So we’ll be growing for quite some time.”

When asked why now is a great time to buy a Great Clips salon, Goggins replied: “Where do I start?”

“We have a strong name built over decades that is instantly recognizable as the leading salon brand in the world,” Goggins said. “Our unit economics provide a very compelling business opportunity for franchisees willing to work hard and take good care of their staff. We offer time-tested support, tools and resources to our franchisees that allow them to focus on building their business. Every single salon is owned and operated by franchisees, which means 100% of our attention is dedicated to helping them grow.”

More than anything, Goggins said, joining Great Clips doesn’t just mean buying into a franchise system—it means joining a culture more akin to “family.”

“Our franchisees frequently tell us that Great Clips feels like family and we’re all eager to help each other out, at each level of the organization,” Goggins shared. “Part of that comes from being a private, family-held company. We have stated intentions of remaining so for generations, which means we think and plan for the long-term.”

The start-up costs to open a Great Clips salon range from $136,900 to $258,250 with a $25,000 franchise fee and 6% royalty. To learn more about franchising opportunities with Great Clips, please visit https://www.greatclipsfranchise.com.

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