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Great Clips’ Leadership Team Builds Strong Foundation for Continued Franchise Growth

VP of Expansion Adam Husemann explains how Great Clips builds a strong culture through collaboration.

By Katie LaTourStaff Writer
SPONSORED 8:08AM 01/24/19

In the franchise industry, growth isn’t something that happens overnight. That’s especially true for legacy brands like Great Clips—the leading force in the increasingly competitive salon segment has continued to expand since its founding 35-plus years ago, currently boasting over 4,300 salons in markets across the United States and Canada. In addition to a proven business model and strong support system, what makes that impressive growth possible is the fact that, while Great Clips’ franchise system continues to expand, so does its corporate team. Strategic expansion and a focus on top talent allow Great Clips to stay positioned for growth while also providing the best possible support for its franchisees.

That all begins with the leadership team that Great Clips has in place, including Adam Husemann, recently promoted to Vice President of Expansion.

Husemann brings years of experience with large organizations to the Great Clips team. Prior to joining Great Clips facilities and purchasing division at the start of 2015, Husemann spent 21 years handling advertising, marketing and properties for Best Buy. However, after two-plus decades in the retail industry, Husemann decided that he was looking for something new. Retail became a more challenging space to grow in, and recognizing that his strengths aligned with Great Clips’ mission to expand, he decided to make the move. Now, his career with Great Clips is picking up momentum and keeping the door open for even greater growth as last year, franchise development and now this year, the real estate team are being added to Husemann’s list of responsibility.

“What stood out to me when I joined Great Clips was how the system was built; everything was focused on taking care of their owners and the owners’ customers,” said Husemann. “At the end of the day, we’re here to help people. Help people grow their business. Help people achieve their goals. We are in the helping business, and in this new role as Vice President of Expansion, my goal is to continue helping our franchisees feel good about their investments and further their businesses in any way that I can.”

Husemann and the rest of the Great Clips executive team take a proactive approach to leadership: they coach their team members, lead by example and empower their co-workers to perform efficiently and independently. That style of leadership is what has established a positive environment across the brand’s entire system. Ultimately, the tone is set at the top.

Husemann is eager to take on new responsibilities in an effort to help the brand’s franchisees grow, which in turn will further the growth of Great Clips’ entire system. With their sights set on crossing the milestone 5,000-unit mark and beyond—as well as the business model and infrastructure to do so—Great Clips’ leadership team is poised to usher in the brand’s next phase of continued development.

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