5 Reasons to Buy a Hand & Stone Franchise
5 Reasons to Buy a Hand & Stone Franchise

Hand & Stone’s leadership team and spa owners weigh in on the benefits of the franchise opportunity.

Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa franchise was launched in 2004 with the goal of bringing luxury services and experience to the masses. In the years since. The brand has tailored its offering to a high-performing system of more than 400 spas in 30 states and Canada. The franchise brand’s leadership team and network of franchisees shared insight into why Hand and Stone is successful and how it stands out in a sea of health and wellness franchise opportunities.

Steady growth with little turnover

When Bob McQuillan approached Hand and Stone initially, he was looking for a franchise opportunity that allowed him to give back by caring for others. When he and his wife applied for franchise ownership with Hand and Stone, McQuillan’s experience helping another brand grow as a franchisee as well as his experience with the Franchise Corporation of Hollywood Tans and TanWorld led the company to invite him to join the corporate side of the brand.

“Hand and Stone was looking to ramp up development, so I joined those efforts while my wife signed on to open three spas,” said McQuillan, who is now VP of Franchise Development. “We had 28 locations at that point in 2010. We’re now over 400.”

Proven business model in a prominent industry

“In the health and wellness industry where all ships are rising with the tide, our business model is sound,” McQuillan said. “People are more cognizant of their bodies and taking better care of themselves. We bring lavish services to the middle market,” he added. Hand and Stone’s quality, affordability and convenience of service (spas are open 7 days a week) are some of the most compelling reasons to become a member as well as a franchisee, McQuillan noted.

“One of my favorite things about Hand and Stone is being part of the health and wellness industry,” Bansal said. “I’ve been with Hand and Stone for 3 ½ years and I recommend the brand because of its proven business model’s ability to be replicated. I’m in the process of opening my third spa because of the company's passion for success. When clients walk out of their massage or facial and I see how relaxed they are, I know I am contributing to the wellness in the world,” he said. Bansal will be opening two more locations following his third.

Strong performance metrics

When he was exploring new franchise ownership options, Bansal said Hand and Stone’s extremely impressive profitability margins were what first drew him to the brand. “We receive tons of feedback about the strength of our performance metrics from franchisees,” McQuillan said. “We’re building 60-70 locations per year. When it comes to average revenues, our competitors pale in comparison. Our membership-based recurring revenue model fuels profitability and speed of growth, which makes our brand very attractive.”

Stellar ongoing support

McQuillan is familiar with the hurdles new franchise owners must clear when figuring out how to drive business to their retail location. “There are so many unknown factors when it comes to foot traffic in the beginning, so supporting our franchisees is essential to both their and our success,” he said. McQuillan mentioned Hand and Stone’s in-house marketing agency and support during the real estate acquisition and negotiation process as two key areas where the brand makes a difference for its owners. “Everything in the opening process is hands-on, for and with our franchisees,” he noted.

“This corporate team goes above and beyond to help you at every stage, which is very valuable,” Bansal said. As a multi-unit franchisee familiar with the systems of other brands, Bansal said he’s never seen the kind of support Hand and Stone provides anywhere else. “The operations team works round the clock and is always eager to help. I owe a lot of success to them,” he said.

It’s a people-centric brand

“Our main priority is recruiting the best franchises,” McQuillan said. “We’re very particular about that.” This emphasis on people not only drives Hand and Stone’s customer-centric offering, it builds passion in those involved with the brand.

“At Discovery Day, I saw the passion of each and every executive and knew I was ready to sign an agreement that day,” Bansal said. “The biggest reason wasn’t the product, it was the people with the company. I was so impressed with the corporate team’s focus on the ‘who,’ before the ‘what.’ It made all of the difference,” he said.

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