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How 5 Spa Franchises Are Addressing Health and Sanitation Concerns as States Reopen

In a category that requires direct contact, these spa franchises are taking the necessary steps to open safely for the long term.

From 2015 to 2017, spa locations jumped from 121,595 to over 149,000, employing nearly 2.6 million workers worldwide. While we don’t yet know how many of those jobs were lost amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we do know that the industry was on a decidedly upward trajectory prior to stay-at-home orders. Now, as states begin to reopen, many Americans will be looking for ways to relieve stress, and the demand for spas is likely to return.

Still, the wellness industry will have to address new health and sanitation concerns as direct, human contact is a part of many services provided. Many leading spa franchises are taking advantage of ISPA's resources and CDC guidance to ensure a safe reopening for the long-term. 

Here are five of our favorite spa franchises that are staying conscious of public safety, meeting current demands, and exceeding customer expectations. If you’re looking to join the fruitful wellness industry, start your research here. 

Massage Envy

The franchise began reopening locations in states like Georgia, Colorado and Texas with extreme precaution. On top of their rigorous health standards, the company is requiring their franchisees to provide each of their employees with additional health-specific training before allowing them to return to work. Massage Envy boasts 1,153 locations nationwide and shows the ability to reignite that growth in a post-COVID world.

Woodhouse Day Spa

This small but mighty franchise is not only taking all the right steps to safely reopen, but has maintained a sincere customer service throughout the pandemic. At the start of state shutdowns, Woodhouse offered relaxed cancellation policies to their customers and free shipping for items from their boutiques. Their initiatives have continued to receive positive feedback, which will undoubtedly garner them new business in the coming months.

Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa

In many of the states reopening, Hand & Stone locations have seen a dramatic uptick in membership, with some locations reporting as many as 20 new members in the first week. The franchise expects to see 170 of their stores open by June, and corporate leadership is indicating a strong commitment to sanitation standards and meeting pent-up demands for relaxation. The collection rate of their membership has only declined from 90 to 70% since state closures, a sign of sustainability in this troubling market.


Since 2005, this fast-growing franchise has serviced patrons with excellent customer service and wellness needs, only halting to the whim of the pandemic. Like so many brands in the wellness industry, Spavia has taken the proper steps to meet safety standards set by the CDC. Corporate leadership set the brand apart, however, by taking the opportunity to say hank you to first responders and donating spa treatments to those combating COVID-19. As positivity and wellness have been key to Americans in dealing with the pandemic, the sentiment will go a long way with patrons looking to book their own first appointment.

Elements Massage

Like many brands, Elements Massage is committed to customer satisfaction and safety. The difference with their service, however, is that the North American franchise individualizes wellness treatments based on the patrons needs. Elements provides tailored services that are aimed to promote life balance and wellness, as well as allow their customers to feel like their personal needs are being met. In a world where it is easy to feel like one in a million, Elements certainly is a novelty that will benefit financially in the coming months.