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How MaidPro’s Business Model Supports Franchise Owner Growth

The home cleaning franchise requires little inventory and allows owners to embrace a flexible model with better work-life balance.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 7:19PM 09/14/23

MaidPro, the nearly 300-unit home cleaning franchise, prides itself on doing things differently. As a franchise owner friendly concept, MaidPro has built the systems and processes necessary to empower its local owners to build a successful business and support the lifestyle they desire. With an in-demand service, high-tech solutions, predictable revenue, low overhead costs and top-notch support, MaidPro offers an attractive opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to build something different.

“We have built a friendly, welcoming culture that encourages our franchise owners to leverage the resources available to them in the ways that work for them,” said David Ogilby, brand president. “With a proprietary software system, experienced business coaches and predictable income, owners can work where and how they want to build a business that will see long-term success.”

The Home Cleaning Industry Provides a Strong Foundation for the MaidPro Business Model

Housekeeping services hold a unique place within the home services industry. Cleaning is a necessary task, meaning it will always be in demand, but MaidPro franchise owners provide additional value by taking over a task that is so often taken care of “in-house.” 

Because it is a small but consistently needed task, housekeeping is something that many homeowners choose to take on themselves without realizing just how much time they may be spending on this type of work. MaidPro owners provide trustworthy, reliable and consistent service that, by taking care of cleaning tasks, provides an invaluable gift to the homeowner — time. This allows owners and their PROs (team members) to build long-lasting relationships with their clients and become an integral part of the household’s weekly or bi-weekly schedule. 

Once the relationship is built and the client is following a regular schedule, franchise owners have a clear understanding of upcoming revenue and can look forward to predictable cash flow. The value provided by recurring services is clear with the home cleaning industry valued at over $15 billion and growing, and the team of PROs at MaidPro supports franchise owners in tapping into that demand.

While the industry offers strong consumer demand, the MaidPro model is especially attractive to franchise owners because it requires a relatively low initial investment to break into such a lucrative space. 

MaidPro Owners Receive Both Initial and Ongoing Education and Support

Because MaidPro was built with the understanding that teams work best when they’re connected and collaborating, the franchisor provides resources and support from signing day through any growth the franchise owner aims to achieve, cultivating a connected franchise system that has access to robust training and education, as well as ongoing mentorship.

After executing the franchise agreement, franchise owners are partnered with a launch coach and equipped with comprehensive training materials that will carry them through the first few months of business development. The franchisor also provides support in training the PROs at local MaidPro businesses and securing the first batch of customers. Once these steps are complete, MaidPro owners have the experience they need to leverage the other support systems in place to maintain a steady operation.

MaidPro owners have access to a proprietary cloud software that allows them to run their business more efficiently, where, when and how they want to. An in-house call center and integrated scheduling software allows owners to receive and engage with leads in a streamlined, low-hassle way, and team members can be scheduled digitally to ensure all cleans are addressed. 

Because MaidPro owners are not required to work in the business on a day-to-day basis and have access to support staff and programs that simplify the process even further, the business offers a great work-life balance and flexibility to spend more time with family, conceptualizing long-term business goals and on other passions.

Though MaidPro franchise owners have this added flexibility and can work whenever and wherever, they remain fully integrated with a network of passionate entrepreneurs who own MaidPro businesses and other concepts under the Threshold Brands umbrella.

As a multi-brand home services franchisor, Threshold Brands has a network of hundreds of qualified owners with a range of celebrated backgrounds. In line with MaidPro’s consistent quest to improve, local owners are encouraged to collaborate with others to discuss best practices, brainstorm hurdles and build even stronger business plans.

“You’ll work with a team to further drive growth and hone in on business plans,” said Ogilby. “With the support of the MaidPro network and larger Threshold Brands community, franchise owners can work with experienced colleagues who have navigated the same processes as they work to grow their own home cleaning business to the heights they desire.”

The total startup costs and initial investment to own a MaidPro franchise is $105,560 – $130,800, with a franchise fee of $45,000. To find out more information on the costs to buy this franchise, please visit