Idolize Brows & Beauty Taps into Underserved Segment of the Spa Industry to Set Franchisees Up for Success
Idolize Brows & Beauty Taps into Underserved Segment of the Spa Industry to Set Franchisees Up for Success

Backed by a unique position in the beauty industry, climbing demand and a proven system, Idolize is positioned for rapid growth.

When Idolize Brows & Beauty first opened its doors for business back in 2009, founder and CEO Mo Pandoria was simply hoping to successfully break into the booming spa industry. But now, with six locations up and running—and more already on the horizon—it’s clear that Idolize has tapped into something special.

Founded with the mission to exceed its client’s expectations with every threading and beauty service that it provides, Idolize got its start as a luxurious—yet affordable—spa in Charlotte, North Carolina. The idea came to Pandoria after realizing that eyebrow threading was an emerging trend that was already catching on in international markets. But up until then, there hadn’t been a concept in the U.S. that fully tapped into its potential. So, realizing the unique opportunity for growth, Pandoria decided to create that brand himself.

“From day one, it was clear that people in the Charlotte market were looking for a spa like Idolize. And that heightened level of demand hasn’t waned since our first grand opening—threading is one of the most popular services out there right now,” Pandoria said. “That’s why I decided to grow through franchising. We started experiencing such rapid growth, and I knew that we wouldn’t be able to keep up that pace on our own with corporate locations. By allowing aspiring business owners to tap into our proven system, we’re going to be able to achieve a higher level of success than I ever could have imagined.”

Backed by six thriving corporate locations in the Charlotte, Raleigh and Richmond, Virginia markets, Idolize is now bringing its one of a kind concept to aspiring franchisees. Not only do local owners have the opportunity to capitalize on climbing demand in the booming industry—by becoming franchisees, they also gain access to unparalleled training and support. In October of 2015, Idolize cultivated a corporate office dedicated to training and development, paving the way for a franchise system that’s sure to experience growth. And because Idolize has already developed the proven systems and processes that make its locations so successful, the concept is prepared to guide passionate franchisees through its business ownership opportunity.

“We’re looking for people who love fashion and beauty and have a knack for retail. We are an extremely people-focused brand in a service industry, so an ideal franchisee is supremely customer-service oriented. They are also excited to grow with the company and are willing to hustle to make that growth happen,” said Pandoria. “Idolize is more than your traditional spa business—we’re really in the business of customer service. We want to make sure that our clients are satisfied and want to come back time and time again. That’s why it’s important for our franchisees to share our passion for the brand.”

Pandoria and Idolize are already finding entrepreneurs who have that passion and are eager to grow alongside the brand—after officially launching its franchise opportunity in April, the brand has already welcomed its first franchisee into its system. And it’s expecting to continue that trend going forward given all the competitive advantages that it brings to the table. In addition to its position as an industry innovator and strong support system, Idolize’s business ownership opportunity is also incredibly affordable. Franchisees with $50,000 in liquid assets and a net worth of $150,000 can expect start-up costs to range from $95,100 to $227,100, including a $40,000 franchise fee and three months of working capital. And Idolize has partnered with Benetrend to ensure that its local owners are positioned for financial success that stems from the right funding option.

Going forward, Pandoria says that it plans to leverage its position in the increasingly popular beauty segment to go from an emerging to an established franchisor.

“We offer a unique service that has proven incredibly attractive to a growing demographic, so the model is lucrative. But aside from the product, we provide a support structure for franchisees that encourages a strong work-life balance. We want good leaders, and we know that lifestyle is an important part of keeping good leaders, so we’ve crafted a system in which franchisees can envision and pursue a personally fulfilling future with us.”