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About ILEC Coaching: The Definition & The Difference

The difference between Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching services and its competitors.

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SPONSOREDUpdated 9:09AM 03/07/22

Did you know that there are approximately 10,000 professionals in the U.S. who list their primary occupation as an executive coach? Considering the urgent need for leadership coaching at the corporate level, which doesn’t sound like a lot. Moreover, many of these self-styled coaches lack credibility due to inadequate skill sets, no proven philosophy to work from, and inexperience as a senior level leader themselves.

The Definition

So, what is the true definition of an executive coach? And how does this definition apply to the master certified coaches with Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching (ILEC)? You may not be aware, but there is a global governing body for the profession of executive coaching, the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Their definition of coaching is:

Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

Fair enough. But ILEC executive coaches hold themselves to a much higher standard, defined as:

Guiding clients on a purposeful journey of self-discovery that helps them unlock and unleash their full potential, so that they bring greater value and abundance to the people and entities they serve.”

In the pursuit of this goal, an ILEC coaches’ primary responsibilities include:

  • Discovery, clarification, and alignment with what the client desires to achieve
  • Guiding the client on a journey of self-discovery
  • Collaborating to elicit client-generated solutions and strategies
  • Holding the client responsible and accountable for their effort
  • Sharing relevant and compelling personal and professional experiences

The Difference

ILEC’s version of executive coaching could never be described as consulting, mentoring, or therapy. It’s much more of a personalized experience for the client, who needs to readily identify the professional leadership goals they hope to achieve through ILEC’s proven coaching process. How does ILEC’s intensive executive coaching program differ? Let’s review:

With consulting, clients typically focus on the present and the context is organizational and/or structural in nature. With consulting, the goal is to fix a specific problem.

With therapy, clients typically focus on the past and the context is deeply personal in nature. With therapy, the goal is to overcome a personal obstacle.

With ILEC executive coaching, clients are directed to focus on the future and the context is professional business leadership. Clients are directed to share input on what they can be, what they will be, and what they must be, in order to achieve success. With ILEC executive coaching, the goal is to discover truths about yourself and how you can use your strengths, address your weaknesses, and become the best possible executive leader.

Knowing the clearly defined differences of what executive coaching is, and what it isn’t, perhaps it’s time you assessed your readiness to take your leadership potential to the next level. Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching (ILEC) is the world’s #1 executive coaching platform dedicated to growing tomorrow’s leaders through organizational transformation. Our master certified ILEC coaches utilize a proven blueprint and philosophy designed to highlight the long-term benefits of investing in human capital. If you’re ready to take the all-important first step, let’s discuss your mission, vision, and purpose.