In-N-Out Makes Decor Changes at 20 of its Restaurants
In-N-Out Makes Decor Changes at 20 of its Restaurants

The iconic burger chain famously entrenched in tradition has taken a step toward modernity in a handful of its restaurants.

A California institution for the past 70 years, In-N-Out Burger has always prioritized tradition over all else, as evidenced by its short and sweet burger menu right down to its palm tree-laden wallpaper. But according to a recent Nation's Restaurant News article, the iconic burger chain has taken a step toward modernity through some subtle decor changes at a handful of locations.

At approximately 20 of its 340 restaurants, In-N-Out has altered its look, most notably adopting a green “Quality You Can Taste” neon sign, a diversion from the brand’s classic, red, white and yellow color scheme. In-N-Out VP of Operations Denny Warnick told NRN that the changes were made to the restaurants over recent months as needed to maintain the company’s high standards.

“In our more recently remodeled dining rooms, the color of the neon sign has been changed to the classic green neon color from our original In-N-Out Burger signs of decades ago,” Warnick said, according to the article. “While the feature has always been there, I’m sure the new color is quite noticeable, especially to our longtime customers.”

These changes, albeit subtle, indicate that the shift in consumer preferences the restaurant industry is currently experiencing is affecting even the most established brands in the segment, franchised or otherwise.

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