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Low-Cost Franchises Offer Veterans a Pathway to Entrepreneurial Success

Veterans make excellent franchisees, bringing learned skills in leadership and resilience to their businesses. Low-cost franchise concepts allow veterans to start small and grow quickly.

By Erica InmanStaff Writer
8:08AM 04/16/24

Doug Flaig, CEO of Stratus Building Solutions, believes that low-cost franchises provide a unique pathway for veterans, offering financial accessibility and a structured environment that aligns with the discipline and work ethic instilled in them during their military service. 

1851 Franchise spoke with Flaig about the benefits — from starting small to scaling quickly — that low-cost franchises can offer veterans who are seeking a pathway to business ownership.

From Service to Business Ownership: Transferable Skills

The military background of veterans is a valuable asset in the franchise world. Many franchise systems offer discounts to veterans, underlining their confidence in the transferable skills learned through military service that lead to franchisee success.

"Veterans bring a really strong work ethic because you don't get through the military with a weak work ethic,” Flaig said. “You have to be tough. We like that grit.” 

In addition to their work ethic, Flaig explained that veterans bring other qualities to the table, such as resilience and leadership, that make them well-suited for the challenges of entrepreneurship. These skills, developed through years of military service, give veterans an edge when it comes to leading teams and growing their business quickly.

The structured nature of franchises also resonates with veterans. Franchises provide a blueprint for a business, and oftentimes, those who follow the orders most precisely will experience the greatest success. For this reason, franchises provide a familiar environment, one with clear orders, that enables veterans to thrive while still enjoying the independence of business ownership. 

A Low Barrier To Entry = Flexibility

For those transitioning to civilian life and trying their luck at business ownership for the first time, a low-cost franchise provides the potential for great success without a huge upfront financial risk.

"As a veteran, you may not have tons of money to invest right away. So a low-cost franchise allows you to get your feet wet and see if it's a good fit, but you don't have to spend every dollar you have to do that," Flaig said.

Low-cost franchising also allows veterans flexibility. For example, many low-cost franchise concepts only require part-time entrepreneurship, so veterans can invest in a franchise and start small, while maintaining other commitments or employment opportunities for stability through the beginning stages. 

Moreover, low-cost franchises are scalable, providing veterans with the opportunity to grow their business quickly. 

“While you can get in for a low cost, you could really grow very quickly without major additional investment, and you can grow progressively," explained Flaig. “We've got some who bought in for … $6,000 initially and now they're billing, four or five years later, a hundred thousand dollars a month, which is phenomenal.”

A Smooth Transition

In the world of low-cost franchises, veterans can find, not just a business opportunity, but a supportive and structured environment that values the skills and work ethic they established while serving our country. From part-time ventures to scalable growth, the franchise model provides a viable pathway for veterans to transition to civilian life, building successful and fulfilling careers in entrepreneurship.

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