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Meet the Zor: Hoppin’ Brands Founder and CEO Rich Moyer

In this episode of 1851's "Meet the Zor" podcast, Moyer talks about his journey into franchising and the development of his high-tech taproom concept.

Rich Moyer is the founder and CEO of Hoppin’ Brands, the high-tech, self-pour taproom franchise. He recently spoke with 1851 Founder, Publisher and CEO Nick Powills during his regular podcast, “Meet the Zor.”  

Moyer fell into franchising after selling his successful construction company. After being asked to open a bar by a friend, he initially declined. But when he discovered the potential of self-serve technology to revolutionize the bar industry and eliminate many operational challenges, he jumped at the opportunity.

"Once I saw a little more of the technology, I realized that it eliminated 95% of the bar owner's headaches, so I dove into it and started to really understand it,” said Moyer. “I saw there was potential to bring it to Charlotte, North Carolina, and have the first self-serve location in the city.” 

During the interview, Moyer provided insights into the challenges and opportunities that come from introducing disruptive technology into traditional industries like hospitality. He also stressed the importance of cultivating a supportive network and described how Hoppin’ has allowed him to help others. 

“The ability to help other other successful people that want to start their own business, but want a little bit more structure, is more rewarding to me than making millions,” said Moyer. “So there's a lot more rewarding aspects of doing what I do now. And I have the ability to do the things that are more important to me, which is build a team, build a culture and create a brand that can also help other people across the country. And those are the things that, when I die, I want people to remember me for.” 

You can watch and listen to the entire interview above, or on YouTube