My First Year as a Franchisee: Megan Shaw of Lunchbox Wax
My First Year as a Franchisee: Megan Shaw of Lunchbox Wax

New franchisee Megan Shaw discusses how she navigated her first year as a Lunchbox Wax owner.

The franchise business model is perfect for those who are looking to own a business while having the help of a larger brand behind them. Most franchises offer structure and assistance to those who are looking to open their own location. Even with the help of a brand, franchisees still typically make the day-to-day decisions for their company. 1851 Franchise Magazine spoke with  Lunchbox Wax franchisee Megan Shaw to learn more about her first year as a franchisee.

Shaw started her career as a hairstylist and then decided to focus on being a stay at home mom. After 15 years, Shaw and her husband decided to start a new venture in business ownership. Currently, the Shaws own two Lunchbox Wax locations in Idaho. They opened their first location in Twin Falls in 2016 and opened another location in Idaho Falls in 2017.

“I decided to become a franchisee because my husband thought it would be a good investment and I was open to something new,” said Shaw. With her background in cosmetology, they found Lunchbox Wax and thought that it would be a great fit.

“I started working as a waxologist in the salon when we opened. I fell in love with the company and the culture, so I decided to step into the Salon Director position and then we decided to open another Lunchbox Wax salon,” said Shaw.

When looking back at her first year as a franchisee, Shaw believes that she would not have been able to do it without the support and help from both Lunchbox Wax and her team.

“Lunchbox Wax helped me in countless ways. I think mostly the brand helped give me perspective from several different areas. From being a waxologist, to manager, to Salon Director, I am more aware of what each of these positions do and how hard they all work. I am able to see what they deal with first-hand, and if it were not for the waxologists and managers, I would not be a franchise owner. They are the worker bees and I am forever grateful for them and for the work they do every single day,” she said.

Being a business owner can be hard, but franchisees have a built in network of support from the corporate company as well as other franchisees in the system. Shaw believes that this support has helped her tremendously.

One thing she wishes she would have known before becoming a franchisee has to do with business ownership in general. “I wish I was more business savvy, but my husband is, so he picks up the slack and I learn from him,” said Shaw.

She continued, adding, “My advice for those in their first year of owning a franchise is to reach out to other franchise owners and ask for any and all advice you can get. Go visit the ones that are doing great and observe what they are doing and soak in as much as you can. Learn from each other and spread the love.”