My Favorite Muffin® Targets The Buckeye State for Its Next Phase of Franchise Development
My Favorite Muffin® Targets The Buckeye State for Its Next Phase of Franchise Development

The gourmet muffin concept leverages a best-in-class offering, a recurring revenue model and strong unit-level economics to make My Favorite Muffin a sweet business opportunity.

My Favorite Muffin® isn’t just dominating the muffin category of the baked goods industry—it’s owning it. Backed by franchisor BAB Systems, Inc., which also franchises and/or licenses Big Apple Bagels® and Brewster’s® Coffee, the franchise concept claims a leadership team with the industry knowledge and experience to drive explosive franchise growth. 

My Favorite Muffin offers owners two models from which to choose: a lower-cost muffin bakery concept as well as a full-service café. Not only does My Favorite Muffin offer an exciting opportunity for growth-oriented prospective franchisees, but the gourmet muffin brand also leaves the competition languishing on the backburner thanks to over 30 different muffin varieties offered daily and a business mix of 50% gift and catering sales, all to the delight of consumers.

Today, the My Favorite Muffin leadership team already supports 17 of the full-service café concept, as well as its original gourmet muffin bakery location. 

So what’s next for the burgeoning muffin brand? Expansion in the Ohio market.

“We already have a store in Dayton, and market capacity there would translate to another two stores,” said Leslie Walters, Director of Marketing and Design for My Favorite Muffin. “We’ve seen a lot of success there so far and we think that’s in part due to the focus on hospitality that characterizes southern Ohio. It’s an extension of what we see in Kentucky. Our brand is very at home in a place where people have those community ties.”

Walters also pointed out the surplus of mid-size cities and large towns in the Buckeye State—all of which translate to secondary markets that lend themselves to a high-end, specialty concept like My Favorite Muffin.

In addition to Dayton, My Favorite Muffin is targeting expansion in nearby Cincinnati as well as the capital city of Columbus. Both markets could comfortably support two to three stores, according to Brian Evans, My Favorite Muffin’s Franchise Development Lead.

“Our consumers respond to our can’t-find-anywhere-else flavors. We have options like Boston Cream Pie and Pineapple Cheesecake along with other decadent, creative flavors. We’re not a bakery where muffins are an afterthought; we are a best-in-class brand.”

Evans also pointed out that My Favorite Muffin’s particular specialty offering affords both the option for segment domination and recurring revenue.

“The time is ripe for an industry leader to take control of the niche market surrounding muffins—with breakfast, snacking, dessert, residential and business catering all baked into our model, we offer something that other concepts just don’t have,” said Evans.

Walters echoed Evans’ focus on recurring revenue by emphasizing the gift-giving component to My Favorite Muffin’s model.

“My Favorite Muffin is the leader and only true player in the category, with a business mix of 50% gift and/or catering occasions, and a high average ticket of $11 to $12,” said Walters. “Other concepts may also offer baked goods, like cookies or cakes, but their concept isn’t heavily saturated with gift-giving opportunities and recurring revenue like that of My Favorite Muffin.”

With the right product offering, business model and leadership team behind it, My Favorite Muffin stands to grow exponentially over the coming years. Along with delivering on its promise to quality, the brand is looking for growth-oriented franchise partners.

“The brand’s strong unit-level economics, small real estate footprint and available territory make it a prime opportunity for multi-unit development,” said Evans. “We’re looking for franchise partners who are passionate about baking quality products, being an active member of their local community and building strong relationships with their customers.”

Startup costs for a My Favorite Muffin Gourmet Muffin Bakery franchise range from $243,500 to $352,500 for a full store or $100,300 to $283,700 for a satellite store. For more information, please visit http://myfavoritemuffinfranchising.com/.

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