Panera Introduces Double Bread Bowls
Panera Introduces Double Bread Bowls

The internet-approved new item will be released in Philadelphia locations this month

Panera has created a new menu item designed to release customers from the burden of choosing between two soups. The double bread bowl, one loaf of bread with two bowls carved into it for separate soups, will be tested in Philadelphia Panera locations in August.

As Business Insider points out, the carb-heavy LTO has already proved a hit on social media, with Twitter and Instagram users eagerly, if somewhat sarcastically, anticipating the rollout.

“We now live in an era where you can take a double panera bread bowl to the face, so if nothing else, at least there is that,” wrote instagram user @dilemmalord.

If double bread bowls sell well in Philadelphia throughout August, Panera may roll out the item to other markets next month.

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