Kivo Daily: What to Look for in an Administrative Assistant
Kivo Daily: What to Look for in an Administrative Assistant

Penn Station President Craig Dunaway explains how administrative assistants have the ability to make an entire business run smoother.

One of the most important assets that businesses – and the people behind them – have is time. That’s why the role of administrative assistant is one that shouldn’t be overlooked. By employing a top tier administrative assistant, those who are running a business have the opportunity to use their time to the best of their abilities.

In his latest article for Kivo Daily, Penn Station’s president, Craig Dunaway, addresses the importance of administrative assistants in any organization. From their organizational skills and ability to prioritize to their role as a gatekeeper, Dunaway elaborates on how executives can best leverage this role.

In an article for Kivo Daily, Dunaway wrote, “Great administrative assistants help keep the office running smoothly and the executives happy, which trickles downhill to the rest of the employees. If they can make your day run smoother, your entire business should run smoother.”

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