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Poolwerx Franchisees Bring a Fresh Wave of Pool Expertise to Hollywood

Liliana and JC Escudero have been building pools around LA for 20 years. Now, they have signed on with Poolwerx so they can provide additional services and products to all those pool owners.

Amidst the glitz, glamor and sunshine of Los Angeles, a new Poolwerx franchise is coming thanks to seasoned pool industry veterans Liliana and JC Escudero.

“We’ve been in the pool industry for 20 years, building pools that epitomize luxury and precision with our family-owned construction company J Designs Pool & Spa,” Liliana said. “However, we realized that complementing our construction business with a service dimension was the missing piece of our company’s puzzle.”

The journey to Poolwerx franchising began when the couple was advised by a friend to explore Poolwerx. The brand is known for its robust franchise model and supportive corporate structure

“We were looking for ways to bring in more residual income,” JC said. “We had offered pool services for some of our own builds in the past, but we weren't offering it to the public in general. After learning what Poolwerx could offer and how it aligned with our vision, the decision was simple. It fit perfectly into our existing business without needing to reinvent the wheel.”

Choosing to franchise with Poolwerx allowed the Escuderos to enhance their ability to offer comprehensive pool maintenance, service and repair solutions. 

A Poolwerx franchise offers both a one-time transaction business model and a recurring revenue stream. The “hub-and-spoke” model combining service and retail means franchise partners aren’t limited to just one piece of the pie. Offerings include preventative maintenance, emergency repairs, pool filter installation, green pool cleanup, hot tub/spa repair, pool heating, pool sand change, pool lighting, saltwater conversion and pool training, as well as a wide range of pool care products.

The Escuderos signed with Poolwerx earlier this year and have initiated their franchise operations with a mobile service, with plans to open a retail store in the future. They plan to operate the new franchise and their established design-build company as two different entities.

"It’s definitely a learning curve, running two complementary businesses at the same time, but it’s also exciting," JC said. 

According to Liliana, Poolwerx of The Valley will service areas where the Escuderos have previously built pools, as well as plenty of new areas. “Our goal is to firmly establish Poolwerx here in The Valley, ensuring we're recognized not just for our designs but also for our top-notch service," she said. “We’re excited for what the future holds and the opportunities to expand Poolwerx’s presence in this region.”

This year, Poolwerx is looking for qualified and passionate Franchise Partners like the Escuderos to help achieve expansion to 120+ stores by adding 30 new franchises annually in the U.S. The team has identified several markets primed for growth, including Texas (Houston, San Antonio and Austin), North Carolina, Georgia, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

“Seeing entrepreneurs like Liliana and JC bring their vast industry experience and passion to the Poolwerx family is truly inspiring,” said Andrew Kidd, CEO of Poolwerx USA. “We are excited to support the Escuderos as they establish Poolwerx as the premier pool service provider in The Valley, and we look forward to their continued success in the region.”

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