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Former Educator Finds Work-Life Balance and a Creative Outlet in Pretty In Paint Business Model
Former Educator Finds Work-Life Balance and a Creative Outlet in Pretty In Paint Business Model

After Dorian Keuchler found herself out of a job unexpectedly, she decided it was time to create something for herself that gave her flexibility and unlimited growth potential.

For Dorian Kuechler, wife and mother of four young children, creating a work-life balance has been a motivating factor in all of her career decisions over the past 12 years. Today, as a pioneer Pretty In Paint franchisee, Kuechler has been able to create that much sought-after balance while building a profitable business in the in-demand and rapidly growing paint party industry.

12 years ago to offset the cost of childcare and to be closer to her preschool aged children, Kuechler transitioned from an elementary school teacher to a childcare provider. Recently the childcare company that she worked for closed its doors, leaving Kuechler to evaluate her next career move. She started by taking a close look at her priorities.

To Kuechler, flexibility and being able to make her own schedule was very important. She also wanted a business opportunity that she could have fun doing and provided a creative outlet while generating income. She saw the success her high school friend Erica Bridges, co-founder of Pretty In Paint, was having with her unique mobile paint party concept. The more she learned about the business model, the more she became excited.

Initially starting as an independent artist only, Kuechler quickly realized she wanted to do more than just host parties. She wanted to grow a team and develop her own territory. After a year, she decided it was time for her to take that step into ownership and in April 2017, became a Pretty In Paint franchisee. A few short months later, due to the extreme demand for the brand’s customizable painting parties, Kuechler is already looking to expand her team.

Of the emerging franchise brand’s business model, Kuechler comments, “A huge differentiator is that we are not tied to a set location. We come to you and can tailor the party to your guest list. I have done everything from kids’ parties to corporate team building events, as well as those ladies nights out we are known for. The ability to adapt the business model to fit any client and situation allows for unlimited possibilities.”

With so many different possibilities, the brand has established a strong support system. “They are there to give us ideas on how to navigate potential situations. There has never been an issue that I haven’t received the help I needed. They are always there to lend a hand, whether it is helping set up for a large party, manning the vendor table at community events, or even hand delivering supplies when I’ve ran short during a party. Whatever it is, they are there.” Kuechler says.  

This hands-on approach represents the supportive culture that permeates all levels of the organization. Kuechler adds, “We all want to see each other succeed. We are always bouncing ideas off of each other and sharing what we have had success with.  Everyone is very available and encouraging. It’s a great group to be a part of.”

In addition to a network of support, Keuchler has found an enjoyable creative outlet. “I have walked away from every single party that I have done with a great feeling. This business is truly enjoyable. And it has brought so much creativity to my life. Even my kids are getting in on it. My home is now filled with kid paintings. It has been such a positive thing for my family all around.”

By providing a simple business model that is flexible, fun and creative, while also having affordable startup costs ranging from $15,000 to $36,630, it is clear to see why this brand has built such strong momentum. Already with a strong east coast presence and with the demand for paint parties at an all-time high, this creative and fun business model is sure to find itself entering new markets at a rapid pace.

For Dorian Kuechler, Pretty In Paint has provided a creative and fun outlet while allowing her to generate income. Through this platform, she has been able to become a successful entrepreneur while still being present and available for her family commitments, helping her achieve the work-life balance that she desired.

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