How a Mobile, Pop-Up Business Model Differentiates Pretty in Paint Parties from the Competition
How a Mobile, Pop-Up Business Model Differentiates Pretty in Paint Parties from the Competition

By forgoing the traditional brick and mortar studio, Pretty in Paint Parties has created a more convenient and cost-effective franchise.

When the paint and sip segment of the franchising industry first solidified its position as an emerging industry to watch, brands began to hop on the bandwagon. Even though the industry was new, there was no shortage of art studios opening their doors for business across the country. As that segment has continued to pick up speed and become more popular with consumers and franchisees alike, many of those traditional, studio-based concepts have begun to blur. However, there’s one paint and sip concept that’s managed to differentiate itself from the crowd: Pretty in Paint Parties.

Founded by friends-turned-entrepreneurs Amelia Courtney and Erica Bridges, Pretty in Paint Parties takes a different approach to the increasingly popular paint and sip segment of the franchising industry. Instead of basing its business model on a brick and mortar studio that customers need to visit in person, they made their concept mobile. Pretty in Paint’s team of franchisees and artists are able to host events in their customers’ homes, offices, community centers and anywhere in between, ultimately making the concept more convenient and cost effective.

“Being a home-based franchise has absolutely differentiated our concept in the marketplace. It’s something that’s been baked into the DNA of the Pretty in Paint brand since day one. The flexibility that we offer our franchisees is something that can’t be found anywhere else,” said Courtney. “Every Pretty in Paint franchise is its own pop-up studio. This approach is where businesses are going right now, and mobile operations make our model simple for franchisees.”

The mobile, home-based model that Pretty in Paint boasts is already playing a role in the brand’s ongoing franchise development efforts. In fact, this point of differentiation is one of the reasons that franchisees are inking their agreements in the first place.

Pretty in Paint franchisee Dorian Kuechler told 1851, “A huge differentiator is that we are not tied to a set location. We come to you and can tailor the party to your guest list. I have done everything from kids’ parties to corporate team building events, as well as those ladies’-night-out events we are known for. The ability to adapt the business model to fit any client and situation allows for unlimited possibilities.”

In addition to the flexibility that comes with Pretty in Paint Parties’ business model for franchisees, another competitive advantage is that it’s a low-cost franchise. Because there’s no brick and mortar location to pay for, Pretty in Paint is able to offer an incredibly affordable opportunity for aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs. Franchisees can expect their initial investment to fall between $14,775 and $37,300, allowing them to get in on the ground floor of a booming business without breaking the bank.

“We were originally drawn to the pop-up business model because it means that you never lose a day. With a traditional, brick and mortar studio, a day spent in the office without customers is a day lost. You have to pay to staff it and keep the lights on, which creates a loss. Our franchisees, on the other hand, aren’t faced with that challenge. On days that they don’t have parties booked—or on days where other responsibilities pop up—they can spend their time working on the back end of the business instead,” said Courtney. “Our mobile approach to the paint and sip segment of the industry has been successful so far, and we’re confident that our franchisees will continue to find it to be beneficial going forward. The business model that we’ve perfected is ahead of the curve in our segment, and we’re eager to introduce more aspiring entrepreneurs to this replicable system that’s been proven to lead to success.”