Husband and Wife Team Turn Passion for Painting into a Career with Pretty in Paint Parties | 1851 Franchise
Husband and Wife Team Turn Passion for Painting into a Career with Pretty in Paint Parties
Husband and Wife Team Turn Passion for Painting into a Career with Pretty in Paint Parties

By transitioning from independent contractors to franchisees, Kathy and Briane Faletto are bringing the Pretty in Paint brand to Georgia for the first time.

For Kathy and Briane Faletto, being business owners was never something that they set out to do together. But now, as the first franchisees to bring Pretty in Paint Parties to Georgia, they can’t imagine doing anything else.

The husband and wife duo were first introduced to the Pretty in Paint brand when Kathy heard about the idea of a “paint and sip” studio. She has always had an interest in art, so she decided to make it a date night activity for herself and her husband. Right away, they fell in love with the concept, interaction with other painters and atmosphere that they experienced. That’s why Kathy started looking into how they could do it on their own, ultimately coming across Pretty in Paint’s website.

After speaking with the founders behind Pretty in Paint, Amelia Courtney and Erica Bridges, the Falettos decided to become independent contractors for the brand. Starting in February of 2017, they hosted painting parties for people not just in their local community, but across multiple counties in Georgia as well. Recognizing that they had tapped into something special, the Falettos wanted to increase their involvement with the Pretty in Paint brand. So when the concept launched its business ownership opportunity, they decided to make the leap and become franchisees.

“The transition from contractor to franchisee has been incredibly simple—it’s been a smooth and quick ramp up period. Becoming the owners hasn’t affected the way that we do our business. If anything, being franchisees gives us even more of an advantage than we had before because we still have the backing and support of a proven concept while acting as entrepreneurs,” said Briane. “We couldn’t be happier with our decision to become Pretty in Paint owners. Amelia and Erica have been supportive from day one, and they’re constantly finding new ways to help us succeed.”

That heightened level of franchisee support and commitment to enhancing Pretty in Paint’s business model is just one way that the concept stands out from other traditional “paint and sip” franchises. In addition to its focus on establishing a tightly knit community of franchisees and artists, Pretty in Paint also gives its local owners the opportunity to bring their paint parties to unique locations. The brand isn’t based in one studio—instead, Pretty in Paint franchisees host parties in customer’s homes, community centers or local hot spots.

“We love that we’re able to travel—in fact, it’s one of the reasons that we decided to sign on with Pretty in Paint over another similar concept. Having the flexibility to be able to host events in different locations allows us to reach more potential customers,” said Kathy. “Every part of Pretty in Paint’s system is designed to help us take our business to the next level. We aren’t exclusively boxed into any segment of the painting industry, including paint and sip. Instead, we can tailor our business to fit the specific customers that we’re working with for each event.”

As Pretty in Paint Parties continues to partner with franchisees like the Falettos, the brand is poised to reach a record number of consumers. And with its sights set on breaking into key markets across the East Coast over the course of the next year, it’s clear that the brand is perfectly positioned to build on its strong momentum that’s backed by the success of its existing franchisees.

“We sat on the idea of becoming franchisees for a while—we were debating whether or not we wanted to go for it while still working our full-time jobs. But now, we’d encourage anyone that has the desire to become a Pretty in Paint owner to go for it. To do something that you absolutely love and make money at the same time is just amazing, and it’s an opportunity that we didn’t ever think that we’d have,” said Kathy.