Pretty in Paint Parties Goes Beyond the Canvas to Boost Business and Diversify Franchisee Revenue Streams
Pretty in Paint Parties Goes Beyond the Canvas to Boost Business and Diversify Franchisee Revenue Streams

By offering customers the opportunity to paint on totes and customizable wooden shapes in addition to traditional canvases, the brand is paving the way in a previously untapped segment of the franchising industry.

As the paint and sip segment of the franchising industry continues to become more crowded, the competition between brands is heating up. More so than ever before, concepts are fighting to find ways to stand out to both potential customers and prospective franchisees. However, there’s one brand that’s already found a way to separate itself from the competition: Pretty in Paint Parties. The emerging franchise concept is going beyond the canvas by finding innovative ways for its customers to tap into their artistic sides.

In addition to hosting events that are centered on guests replicating a painting on their own blank canvas, Pretty in Paint is also giving customers the opportunity to create works of art on totes and various wooden shapes. Both of these options are already proving to be big hits among customers due to the fact that they can be customized. The canvas beach totes, for example, come in a variety of different colors and can be used for a wide range of things, including school, grocery, storage or sports bags. Pretty in Paint’s wooden shapes—called PIP Shapes—are also easily customizable. The brand works with a crafter who can create any type of wooden shape imaginable that can then be painted, engraved or cut.

“The PIP Shapes are very unique, especially for our repeat customers. There’s only so much room for canvases in people’s homes—our guests love them, but realistically, you can’t display an unlimited amount of paintings anywhere,” said Pretty in Paint Parties co-founder Amelia Courtney. “With our shapes, on the other hand, the options are endless. There’s no limit to what our customers can create with the help of Pretty in Paint Parties, from words painted on wooden slabs to artsy, customizable designs. One of our parties, for example, created a holiday decoration that was a snowman on one side and pumpkins on the other. Our franchisees and artists are using these PIP Shapes to their fullest potential, which is something that’s completely unique to our brand.”

It’s not just customers who are benefitting from Pretty in Paint’s commitment to innovation and being unique—the brand’s franchisees are also seeing positive results. Being able to offer more painting options outside of canvases allows local owners to diversify their revenue streams and potentially boost their bottom lines. In fact, it was that potential for future growth through variety that inspired Norminka Patrick to become a franchisee in Atlanta, Georgia.

She said, “The ability to offer customers different surfaces to paint on is one of the first things that got me hooked on Pretty in Paint Parties. We have a lot of different things that you don’t really see in the paint and sip industry, including door hangers and totes. It definitely adds something special to their business ownership opportunity.”

Canvas totes and PIP Shapes are just a few of the differentiating factors that Pretty in Paint Parties brings to the table. The franchise also stands out from the competition through its business model—instead of having an established brick and mortar studio where classes are held, Pretty in Paint artists go directly to their guests by hosting parties in homes, at businesses or other community spaces. The brand also offers its franchisees—who currently operate a total of seven units—a strong support system that’s made up of both corporate team members and other local owners. Plus, Pretty in Paint makes its business ownership opportunity affordable for aspiring entrepreneurs—franchisees can expect their initial investment to range between $14,775 and $37,300.

“Our ability to go beyond the canvas with totes and PIP Shapes is absolutely fueling our momentum as we continue to expand across the East Coast. It’s a win-win-win situation—our artists no longer need to be tethered to one canvas during every event, our customers have more options to choose from and our franchisees are able to diversify their revenue streams,” said Courtney. “We’re looking forward to continue adding one of a kind services like these to our lineup. Pretty in Paint Parties has already established itself as an innovator in the paint and sip industry, and we’re fully committed to pushing the envelope even further alongside our franchisees.”