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Property Management Inc. Franchisee Joe Wang Charts a New Career Path in San Antonio

The new franchisee is joining the property management franchise after 15 years in the restaurant industry.

By Allison Stone1851 Contributor
SPONSORED 9:21PM 05/01/20

For many people who enter the franchising business, it often comes as part of a larger career change. Countless franchisees become motivated to enter the industry because of their entrepreneurial spirit and desire to finally work for themselves. That was the case for one Property Management Inc.’s (PMI) newest franchisees, Joe Wang of San Antonio, Texas. 

Founded in 2008, PMI provides expert property management solutions across residential, commercial, association and short-term rental properties. PMI has assisted hundreds of property managers thrive as business owners with the support of an expert team of franchisors and large network of fellow franchisees. Going into property management alone typically requires a massive amount of equity, not to mention the time it takes to establish business practices from the ground up. PMI provides the resources, systems and national brand name recognition of an established business to bolster the property management businesses of its franchisees. 

Before joining PMI, Joe had been working in management in the restaurant business for 13 years for Panda Restaurant Group. Food has always been a passion for Joe, who has an associate degree in the culinary arts, but after 15 years in the restaurant space he began looking for a position that would offer him a more flexible schedule and more time to spend with his family. “I wanted to do something on my own and start a business, while also being able to provide for my family,” said Joe. 

Joe had also been relocated multiple times within the company, moving his wife and two children, now ages 9 and 11, across several states for over a decade. Eventually, Joe and his family landed in San Antonio, and he decided it was time to really put down some roots. “I started looking into franchising and doing my own research online,” said Joe. A lot of people were trying to get me into the restaurant business, but I always told my wife and kids that if I opened my own business, I didn't want to be in the restaurant industry.”

When Joe came across PMI, he was attracted to the brand’s rapid growth. “San Antonio is also a great market for property management right now,” said Joe, whose wife will also be helping out with the business. “My wife is getting her real estate license and is taking the exam in the beginning of March.”

Joe attended training in December 2019 and has been ramping up the business for the past month. “During training, I had the impression that the team at PMI would always be here to support me,” said Joe, who has started reaching out into the local community after opening a month ago. “I feel like we’re starting to get on top of the marketing, and we’re getting involved in social networks. I’m working on building up my presence here locally in the San Antonio market. My goal is to get to 60 doors by the end of this year.”

The initial start-up investment for a Property Management Inc. franchise ranges from $21,250 to $106,800 and has a franchise fee ranging from $15,000 to $62,900. To learn more about franchise opportunities with Property Management Inc., visit