How Property Management, Inc. is Shaking Up the Property Management Industry
How Property Management, Inc. is Shaking Up the Property Management Industry

Through specialized technology and a nationwide network, PMI franchising helps property managers protect their investment in the residential, commercial, association and vacation segments of the industry.

For most, the concept of managing a property doesn’t go beyond the quintessential ‘For Rent’ sign languishing in the corner of a front-facing window of a rental property. Those within the industry, however, know all too well the complexities the world of property management begets.

As one of the nation’s leading property management companies, no one knows better than Property Management, Inc. that the job is far more than just finding a tenant and collecting rent. PMI offers a full real estate management program that services the residential, commercial, association management and short-term vacation rental pillars of the property management industry, easing the burden that property owners face in protecting their investment, no matter the size or scope of a property.

As the real estate industry grows, PMI has found that being able to provide services for these four pillars, has made them highly attractive to property investors, property owners, and community/association boards. Whether they have short term vacation rentals, long term rentals, or need help with HOA board management, PMI has a full service offering customized for them.

By custom designing solutions to fit any and all specific requirements and budgets and, PMI streamlines the property management process and generates consistent, reliable income for clients across the nation. PMI handles the day-to-day operations of client assets, its services covering property marketing, brokerage services, tenant screening, rent collection, property maintenance, financial reporting and more. 

“Anyone familiar with the history of real estate, or that lived through the Great Recession, knows the real estate market is cyclical and is prone to erratic market variations,” said PMI co-founder and President Steve Hart. “Despite this, the rental market is stable because more than 35 percent of the nation’s population rents. Owners of these rental properties benefit from the services of a professional property manager to maximize their rental investment potential.”

Working with PMI over another professional property management company offers myriad advantages. As a brand with a strong presence on a national scale, PMI brings a level of professionalism to property management unmatched elsewhere in the industry. Mark Jones,  who has been a PMI franchisee in Indianapolis, Indiana since 2009, explained that PMI’s proactive approach to maintaining the necessary licenses and insurances that smaller, independent property management companies may not helps clients rest assured that their property is protected.

“Rental property owners looking for property management companies expect more than ever before, so the level of service required is huge,” Jones said. “We’re able to provide that boutique style of property management where each owner is getting top-level service at the local level, but with the expertise and resources of a national company. PMI’s presence and industry-leading technology give us the ability to market to all available platforms to really generate results, improving service and generating real results for our clients.”

This leading technology comes in the form of a completely integrated platform with both client- and tenant-facing portals that create a more accessible experience for both parties in the residential and commercial real estate segment. Its customized, patented software programs extend to the association and vacation rental management segment, as well, uniting the many complex aspects of property management in one digital hub for maximum efficiency and convenience.

“There are a lot of cool services people can take advantage of with PMI that they wouldn’t be able to take advantage of with mom-and-pop competitors,” said Scott Abernathy, a PMI franchisee in Nashville Tennessee. “For instance, PMI offers credit reporting to tenants. On average, 80 percent of tenants pay their rent on time, but credit reports don’t show when someone pays late. We report this information to the credit bureau, where most landlords don't.”

This service alone improves the renting experience for tenants and property owners in the residential and commercial segments alike due to increased accountability that incentivizes tenants to pay on time while simultaneously increasing the reliability of that income stream for the owner.

With more than 230 franchisees nationwide, clients are increasingly turning to PMI to deliver streamlined, elevated services to maximize their returns and protect their investments.

“More and more people are drawn to our offering because of the way property management is shifting,” Hart said. “Rental property owners are facing more liability than ever, and because of that, are turning to professional property management services more so than in the past, creating bigger demand than ever before. A lot of owners don’t want to do it themselves anymore, and we’re the professionals who do it and do it right.”

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