QSR Magazine: Why Clean Label is Here to Stay
QSR Magazine: Why Clean Label is Here to Stay

Consumers are calling for clean menus with fewer additives and restaurants are listening.

The list of restaurants working toward clean menus is growing.

According to a recent QSR Magazine article, restaurants are rushing to remove foods with antibiotics and artificial flavors, colors and preservatives to meet the demands of customers, and that’s not a bad thing. 

Experts say Americans view additives as unhealthy and giving consumers what they want is not a bad thing.

“It’s clear that consumers want to see this idea of clean labeling,” says Elizabeth Friend, strategy analyst at market research firm Euromonitor International. “It’s really gotten to the point where it’s become something that has become expected of major chains.”

Chipotle has set the bar for restaurants. The company removed genetically modified organisms from its food in 2015. Panera recently completely a two-year effort to remove additives in 450 food ingredients. 

Taco Bell and Subway have also made steps to remove artificial flavors and colors from their food.

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