Quad City Times: Your Pie Coming to Davenport
Quad City Times: Your Pie Coming to Davenport

The down-the-line pizza concept will soon make its debut in the Quad Cities, and Iowa.

Longtime friends, colleagues and restaurant business veterans Doug Ormsby and Dan Sacco are bringing a new pizza brand to Iowa, opening down-the-line concept Your Pie in both Davenport and Dubuque.
Your Pie offers customizable pies that bake in an authentic brick oven in just five minutes. Customers choose their toppings, which are then laid on fresh stretched dough.
"They make food the first priority," Your Pie franchisee Doug Ormsby said to the publication. "If you don't keep the food first, you become about process and procedure. Dan and I look for brands that focus on keeping the food quality as high as you can."
The restaurant will open first in Davenport in early 2017 and then in Dubuque adding to the growing down-the-line pizza segment. 
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