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REGYMEN Fitness Expands into the World of Fitness Technology

Leah Seacrest, the brand's vice president of fitness, spoke with Club Industry about how COVID-19 ignited the digital revolution in fitness and how REGYMEN is capitalizing on the trend.

It’s no secret that the pandemic has caused brick-and-mortar gyms to find new ways to serve their customers. 

According to Club Industry, the pandemic left many fitness brands with no way to reach customers at their locations, many fitness brands jumped on the opportunity to offer fitness classes virtually, or better yet, capitalize on wearable tech and their own wellness apps. 

REGYMEN Fitness, the Baton Rouge-based fitness franchise, transitioned its classes online and saw tremendous success redirecting a majority of its customer base. But according to Seacrest, there are customers who can't help but miss the social aspect of visiting the gym in person. 

“Gyms serve as an important social hub and it’s hard to compare the in-person experience to the digital one,” Seacrest told Club Industry. “However, digital fitness tries to combat this by the growth of online communities. Through a screen or perhaps an app leaderboard, people get some form of positive interaction so they feel like they aren’t in it alone.”

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