Team of 12 Franchise Experts Evaluates 200 Websites, Announces 2nd Place Winner Painting with a Twist
Team of 12 Franchise Experts Evaluates 200 Websites, Announces 2nd Place Winner Painting with a Twist

Franchise Development Websites: Best of the Best Ranked

More than 200 franchise brand websites were reviewed by industry judges, and 75 were recognized as best-in-class. Each of these categories were meticulously evaluated by a panel of 12 judges and given a score on a ten-point scale; the website rankings are based on a composite average of these scores. Painting with a Twist was a best of the best, tied for 2nd overall with a score of 7.58.

The judging panel was comprised of industry experts: Sean Fitzgerald, of 1851 Franchise; Nick Powills, of No Limit Agency; Batchelor, CEO and Jack Monson, Director of Digital Strategy, of Qiigo; Michelle Rowan, President of Franchise Business Review; Craig Slavin, CEO of Franchise Navigator; Jamshaid Hashmi, CEO of ClickTecs; Kay Ainsley, Managing Director of MSA Worldwide; Keith Gerson, President of FranConnect; Stan Friedman, President of FRM Solutions; Steve Beagelman, CEO of SMB Franchise Advisors; and Todd Bingham, President of Pinnacle. Each judge was tasked with judging hundreds of submissions, from which they awarded 75 standout franchise development websites with a gold, silver or bronze designation. The judges had this to say about Painting with a Twist’s franchise development site:

Slavin: Engaging. Not a "me-too" Website.

Fitzgerald: Great design. Good use of video and franchisee testimonials. The site presented information in a well-organized manner.

Hashmi: Custom imagery and strong and prominent differentiating points.

Ainsley: Easy to navigate and provided just enough information to make someone want to know more.  

Friedman: Visually pleasing. Artsy vibe that will appeal to someone looking for a creative franchise. Solid information provided without being overwhelming.

Bingham: This website is very unique in that several of the pages are not your cookie cutter layout. Several are very visual in nature with images that draw my attention and force me to read and analyze. It has the content I am looking for and makes me want to learn more.

Beagelman: Visually very brand-centric (looks artistic), good movement, lots of different graphical tools, and a good static menu.