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The Famous Franchisee: Why This Famous Toastery Franchisee Continues to Invest in the Brand After Almost a Decade

Since investing in the breakfast, brunch and lunch concept back in 2014, Pat McManaman has built a dedicated and loyal following in his community in North Carolina.

When Pat McManaman first visited the Famous Toastery location in Davidson, North Carolina, it was love at first bite. Ready to change his career and finally follow his entrepreneurial dreams, McManaman decided to learn more about the 25-unit better breakfast, brunch and lunch franchise opportunity. The rest, he says, is history.

Growing up in Michigan, McManaman began his educational career at Lansing Community College, studying Fire Science. Through his studies, he trained as a firefighter and an emergency medical technician, where he met his wife, Charlotte. Following Charlotte’s medical career, the McManamans decided to move to San Diego so she could complete her residency at Scripps Mercy Hospital while Patrick worked as a technician. Over the years, the couple discussed the possibility of moving back to Michigan or at least closer to home. Finally, Patrick and Charlotte decided to make North Carolina their new permanent residence. 

“I was burned out with my career as an EMT at that point,” said McManaman. “I became a stay-at-home dad after my second son was born, but my wife and I had always thought it’d be fun to own our own business.”

One morning while dining at one of his family’s go-to restaurants, Famous Toastery, McManaman saw a table set up with information about the brand’s franchise opportunity. So, he took it upon himself to learn more and speak with the team.

We had already started looking at different possibilities in the franchise industry, but a lot of them were too expensive,” said McManaman. “We researched Famous Toastery, and the buy-in costs were more than affordable for us, and they were looking for people with the right passion and drive.” 

McManaman says he and his wife were also drawn to Famous Toastery’s family-friendly operating hours of 7 A.M. to 3 P.M. “We had three kids by the time we joined Famous Toastery, so we wanted a business that would allow us to spend time with the family,” he said. “We wanted to do things with our kids, go to sports games, and participate in activities. We knew that if we got into a business that required more time, it would pull us away from that.”

Although the concept was in the very early stages of franchising, McManaman decided to take a leap of faith, signing on to expand Famous Toastery around the University of North Carolina in 2014. Since then, McManaman says he’s never looked back.

“It has been a fun ride,” said McManaman. “I’ve basically been in the restaurant, managing the day-to-day, since the beginning. We have customers now that I’ve known for seven years, and some staff have been with us since the beginning. We've developed those relationships, which is amazing.” 

And in line with Famous Toastery’s mantra of “be famous,” McManaman says he has greatly enjoyed building a strong reputation in his community over the years. “We work closely with hotels in the area and participate in all types of events, including food markets, festivals, holiday events and fundraisers,” said McManaman. “We always jump at the occasion to be a part of that. I grew up in a small town, so being able to invest in something that is so involved in the community is great.”

As someone who has been with Famous Toastery since the early days, McManaman says he has also enjoyed watching the concept expand and evolve, especially over the past year. 

“They only had three stores when they franchised, now they are close to 30,” said McManaman. “They have learned so much about the restaurant and operating in different types of communities, and they are always looking for ways to adapt their business model for the better. Recently, they revamped the menu, and they’ve also been adding new leadership with a tremendous amount of experience, which I believe will help continue to push the brand forward.” 

Michael Mabry, President of Famous Toastery, says McManaman has been an integral part of the Famous Toastery story. 

“When it comes to successful expansion, it is all about people,” said Mabry. “From the top to the bottom. It doesn’t matter how great the food is; if we don’t have the people to execute on ideas, we won’t succeed. Patrick is a great example of how Famous Toastery franchisees can become famous in their communities and help us take the brand to the next level.”

The cost to open a Famous Toastery franchise ranges from $575,500 to $999,500, including a franchise fee starting at $45,000. To learn about franchising opportunities, please visit