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Top 7 Medical Franchises For Those Looking To Enter the Healthcare Space

From physical therapy to senior home care, read 1851’s rankings for top healthcare franchise opportunities.

1851 Franchise took a look at some of the top franchises in the healthcare space right now and ranked them based on their potential for growth right now. 

7. Pearle Vision 

  • Units: 500+ 
  • Investment Range: $415,521 to $644,264 
  • Pearle Vision, a leader in the optical industry, operates at the intersection of healthcare and retail. The franchise is not only sustainable, but expected to grow as the population ages. The Pearle Vision system is designed to scale, and streamlined processes can make it easier for licensed owners to manage multiple locations. 

6. Miracle-Ear Inc.

  • Units: 1,300 
  • Investment Range: $119,000 - $352,500 
  • Miracle-Ear, Inc., a hearing aid distributor since 1948, provides free hearing tests and consultations. The company offers service, warranty and after-care packages with its hearing aids. The franchise brand is known as one of the top hearing aid distributors in the world.  

5. Seniors Helping Seniors  

  • Units: 200+ 
  • Investment Range: $86,785 - $141,390 
  • Seniors Helping Seniors is a companion care company that practices employing senior caregivers in pursuit of its mission to ensure its senior clients live comfortable, independent lives. This franchise concept not only employs seniors, but also provides a needed service by providing support to those that cannot see their families and friends right now due to the pandemic.  

4. The Joint Corp. 

  • Units: 530+ 
  • Investment Range: $203,397 – $378,697 
  • The Joint Corp. has seen an uptick in franchising the last few years with their scalable multi-unit operating model and speed in opening locations. The Joint Corp. is a chiropractic office that is mainly run by the actual Chiropractor and has a streamlined electronic system for patient files so that they can go to any location in the US. Insurance is also not necessary for services, allowing more patients to access locations. 

3. Right at Home*  

  • Units: 573 
  • Investment Range: $80,150 to $147,150 
  • As one of the largest home care franchise networks in the world, Right at Home provides senior care and home health care services for adults that want to remain independent in their own homes. During a time when family members are not always able to physically check in on grandparents and senior relatives, Right at Home provides a safe and trained caregiver to help them remain independent and healthy amid the pandemic.  

2. BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Centers* 

  • Units: 24  
  • Investment Range: $155,650 – $208,450 
  • BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Centers is a newer concept to the weight loss and health franchise space, but provides franchisees with a solid growth plan and strategy for a successful multi-unit business from the ground up. With more people looking to get their health in check right now, this has become a popular option for women looking to lose weight through natural hormone balancing. 

1. FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers 

  • Units: 400+ 
  • Investment Range: $68,750 - $699,000 
  • FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers, a physical therapy center that promotes flexibility, strength and balance, provide extensive support throughout the franchising process. Not only do they provide start up guidance and business training, they also create an individualized, specific five-year strategic plan that helps franchisees reach their goals for their new practice. 

*This brand is a paid partner of 1851 Franchise. For more information on paid partnerships please click here.