Top Emerging Electronics Franchises Under 50 Units
Top Emerging Electronics Franchises Under 50 Units

These up-and-coming brands are ones to watch in the electronic segment of the franchising industry.

There’s no doubt about it - Americans love their electronic devices. Whether it’s a cell phone, tablet or laptop, we can all agree that as a society, people are obsessed with technology. That’s created a new segment in the franchising industry — from cracked phone screens to broken laptops and more, consumers have a lot of needs when it comes to the upkeep of their electronic devices. Especially as technology continues to quickly evolve, the demand for electronic repair and education resources has grown rapidly.

These emerging electronic franchises — with under 50 units — are carving out spaces for themselves within this booming segment of the industry.

Digital Doc

Unit Count - 30

Investment range: $73,000 - $151,000

Digital Doc was officially launched in October of 2010 with its first store in Owensboro, Kentucky and by 2013, it began franchising with its first franchisee in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. After starting off as just a battery company, the brand soon transitioned to offer mobile device repair services because of the constant stream of calls asking if they carry iPhone batteries. Digital Doc specializes in repairs of all makes and models of electronic devices. The repairing services they provide include phones, computers, tablets and even gaming consoles.

Kix Mobile

Unit Count - 2

Investment range: $59,700 - $233,000

Kix Mobile was established in 2016 in Orlando, Florida. As a young and internationally recognized tech brand, Kix Mobile provides a fast and innovative approach to provide its customers with the quality of support they need for their gadgets. From mobile device repair to buying/selling and offering various brand accessories, Kix Mobile is the place that provides quick service to get you on your way in minutes.

iCare Repair

Unit Count - 13

Investment range: $55,893 - $120,993

iCare Repair was created after a friendly competition between owner Dan Peabody and his friend who had a broken iPhone and claimed he wouldn’t be able to fix it. Peabody later proved his friend wrong by fixing a similarly broken iPhone in just a few hours. That’s what then sparked the idea for Peabody to start up iCare Repair in his bedroom and soon after open his first store in October of 2012. By 2016, the brand had opened up more than 11 locations in Michigan along with two more on the West Coast.

Device Pitstop

Unit Count - 10

Investment range: $120,250 - $176,250

“Buy, sell, trade, repair and upgrade” is one of the mottos at Device Pitstop. The company was founded in Las Vegas in 2003 and has been franchising since 2013. Device Pitstop aims to carry the top tech brands in the industry and even offers a cash-on-the-spot option. What makes Device Pitstop unique is its commitment to minimizing the impact of technology on the environment by reusing old device pieces and recycling what can be used. The brand has more plans for development for the future.


Unit Count - 10

Investment range: $58,000 - $120,000

Headquartered in Scranton, Pennsylvania, iDropped was established in 2012 and began franchising in 2014. iDropped is a repair-based company specializing in damaged iPhones, iPads, iPods, Galaxy and Laptop computer screens. The brand has an extensive list of what can be easily repaired at its locations, and with 10 locations currently up and running, iDropped is still looking to develop into other areas across the United States.


Unit Count - 30

Investment range: $18,300 - $33,000

Since 1994, Compuchild has been shaping the education and technology industry for children throughout the nation. By providing computer education services to child care centers, schools and community centers, Compuchild aims to enhance the technological opportunities parents can provide to their children. Compuchild specializes in STEAM learning (science, technology, engineering, art and math) in hopes of seeing children grow up to become the world’s future leaders, researchers and innovators in whatever they pursue to their fullest potential.


Unit Count - 2

Investment range: $59,000 - $88,000

With just two locations, Paymore operates as a safe and reliable location where tech users can sell their new, used or broken devices. A close-knit community run franchise, this company is currently New York founded and based but has plans for development in more areas around New York as well as on the West Coast, Midwest and South.


Unit Count - 3

Investment range: $81,495 - $150,650

TechVoo was established in late 2007 in the Chicago suburbs and has been growing ever since. TechVoo specializes in repairs, IT and operations such as configuring and installing operating systems, fixing networks, virus control and technology training. TechVoo is a locally owned company that’s aimed at treating their customers like family and prides itself on customer service and satisfaction.

Simple Computer Repair

Unit Count - 7

Investment range: $109,900 - $189,000

Simple Computer Repair was established just a little over 10 years ago in 2007 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The brand offers repairs for computers as well as Apple products, Galaxy and gaming consoles in home, office or studio. The brand also includes networking support such as Design, installations and wireless networking setups and recently added remote support. Simple Computer Repair has seven locations throughout Nevada and the upper Midwest.